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relationship junkieYou can’t go a day without a good piece of chocolate, you own a closet where 200 plus shoes claim residence and maybe you go a hair shy of strait-jacket crazy when you don’t get a Diet Coke every hour, on the hour.  Oh yeah, and you also have a dating record that reads longer than a list of college graduates at a spring commencement ceremony.

Okay, so you might have a few addictions.  And if falling in love and embarking upon a relationship with each and every guy who glances your way is a common occurrence in your life, then you might be a relationship junkie—and this is not a good thing, sister.  Be sure to check out the following characteristics of someone who can’t go without a relationship (any relationship!) and if these traits just happen to describe you, step away from the boyfriend and pack your bags for relationship rehab:

You’ve never been single.  If you are a serial dater and the moment that a relationship ends you dive headfirst into a new one before your ex is even able to change his relationship status to “single” on Facebook…well, then that could be a problem.  When you break up with someone, it’s crucial that you take time to let the embers of your failed relationship cool before igniting a new flame.  Otherwise, the problems you had with your ex are likely to rear their ugly heads with your new guy…and the vicious cycle is bound to repeat itself.

You are afraid of being alone.  No one wants to wind up alone…and a lot of us hold onto the secret fear that one day our only options will be A:  heading to the convent to live a life of celibacy, B:  settling down with 18 cats in a house that could be featured on an episode of Hoarders  or C:  becoming a full-fledged lesbian.  But if you take your fear to the point where you aren’t capable of being alone, you will wind up settling for someone that’s not right for you…thus hampering yourself from finding true love.  The key is to uncover your inner happiness, enjoy your single life and when you least expect it (because you’ve stopped looking since you are so gosh-darned happy and so in love with YOURSELF that you don’t even need a man!) love will find you.

You move at warp speeds.  If you are someone who gets into a relationship and after a short period of time you are unloading said closet full of shoes into his place, picking out china patterns and naming your three unborn children and golden retriever before you even know the guy’s middle initial, then it’s time to hit the brakes.  Everything is always hearts and butterflies at the beginning of a relationship…but because this lovey-dovey feeling (i.e. lust) often fades away after a few months, it’s important to take it slow and just enjoy the fun of getting to know each other.

Heartbreak comes easy.  When relationships don’t pan out the way you anticipate, is it impossible to get out of bed in the morning because the sound of the rain coupled with Sinead O’Connor on repeat is better than the deafening silence of receiving zero phone calls from your ex—even if you were only together for two weeks?  You fall hard and you break-up even harder…not healthy.  Sure, his last name would’ve sounded great following your first…but to avoid a broken heart, you mustn’t invest all of your energy into another human being to the point where you abandon your friends, family, job and identity…all for the idea of a guy.  Not worth it, girlfriend.

You are willing to set the bar low.  When you long to be in a relationship, often times you settle for far less than what you know you deserve because you fear that if you break up with the jerk (despite the fact that he cheated on you with your best friend), you won’t be able to ever find another guy and you imagine the pain of being alone to be far worse than toughing it out in a miserable relationship.  So that you don’t find yourself in such a situation, before starting any relationship it’s necessary to create for yourself a list of boundaries—what you will and will not put up with from a partner.  Know your limits and gain the self-confidence to recognize when to walk away from someone who is treating the dirt on the bottom of his shoe better than he is treating you.

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