Are you looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you single for a while now? Is there someone on your mind right now that you would like to ask for a date? Years ago, right after college, I thought that I already knew the perfect partner that I would like to end up with. But it didn’t go that way; instead I learned a lesson that I will never forget which I will share on this article.

Physically, I’m not that tall and so I prefer to date someone who’s smaller than me. There are lots of them that I could think of at that time. Also, I like women who are humble, down to earth person and those who are relaxed when it comes to life. I also liked brunette women that have attractive eyes and a nice smile with a perfect or slim body.


The things that I described above were my perfect girlfriend to be. The whole belief blew me off when I met someone at work. Her name was Sam. She was a lot older than me, about ten years and my initial impressions on her was something that I will never forget. Such a mess, I said to myself. She looked like she never made an effort when it comes to her physical appearance. Just by looking at her, she seemed like she never brushed her hair, wears a dress as if she’s 10 years older than her age and haven’t slept the whole evening before she goes into the office.

It may seem like it’s harsh and cruel but I must admit it, I used to think like that before. It’s something that I can’t be proud of. However, I’m happy now because that way of thinking was all gone.

Sam was very nice and helpful to me despite the fact that I criticize her appearance a lot. She’s one of the nicest and the kindest person I’ve met.

Then time went on and after about ten weeks or so, I began to think of her and admitted to myself that I was in fact falling in love with her. She didn’t even made any efforts to change the physical appearance that she had. And at that time, the whole belief of mine when it comes to my ideal girl was suddenly dropped. Everything didn’t matter to me anymore and what’s important now is what she is on the inside.

I never told Sam that I was in love with her because she was already married and I thought to myself that her husband was one of the lucky people alive. Till now I still think about what happened, how it changed me as a person and how Sam taught me an important lesson about love and life.