There are many qualities that make a woman sexy. But not every woman is sexy in the eyes of a man. There are certain qualities that a woman possesses that drives a man toward a woman and to seek her hand or ask for a steady relationship.

The following are the few things that drives a man crazy about a woman and that makes him feel that she is very sexy.


A beautiful woman is always a weak point for a man.
• The way a woman dresses to flaunt her figure yet not look like a tart and the way she grooms herself to make her look attractive and sensuous always makes men go wild.
• A woman who is interested in knowing how a man cares for her is a sexy woman in the eyes of many men.

Knowledge of Sex

There are many men who prefer to have sex only after marriage. There are a few men who are comfortable with sex much earlier in the relationship.

Either way, men find a woman sexy and comfortable if she has good knowledge about sex and is willing to talk about it openly. A sexy woman is one who does not have any inhibitions or shyness when talking about sex at the right time.

Show Affection

As much as men show to be tough on the outside, they need love.
• A woman who understands what her man wants and does not have any reservations in letting her man know her affection and love, is considered to be a sexy woman.
• An understanding woman who knows the way a man functions and knows how to get the best out of him is very sexy woman.

Bending the Rules Occasionally

Most men feel that a woman who sets and follows her rules but is ready to bend the rules sometimes just to please her man is really sexy. This is a very rare phenomenon that you find in girls and women, so if you have it, use it to your advantage.

Loves To Laugh

Be humorous, but don’t try to crack a joke at every sentence and definitely not if you make a man a butt of your jokes. On the other hand definitely laugh at his jokes! Sometimes even if you didn’t find them funny!

If you are sarcastic by nature, which is the lowest form of wit, then you need to be careful. Not everyone gets this humour!

Ready to Be Fearless

It is not that men love fearless women. Men love women who have fear and are ready to set it aside and move forward in life. This is a quality that really impresses a man. There is a fine line between fearless and arrogant, so make sure you don’t cross it.

Show Appreciation

Men love to be in the company of women who know to say “Thank You”. Men like to splurge on the right girl, but they need to feel appreciated for the efforts they put in.