The advanced technology combined with the ability to access the Internet has greatly enhanced the functionality of many cell phones. The iPhone is designed to access the Internet through the browser and applications available for this phone. Among the many applications people can download to use on their iPhones are those designed for online dating.

Desirable Features for Online Dating Apps

online datingJust like the services for dating found by using a computer, the services available via an iPhone application offer different features which can be more or less desirable to have. These services usually provide full color photos of their members, which makes it easy to see a person’s characteristics at a glance. As a security precaution, it is beneficial to look for a service which uses background checks to make sure their members are reputable people. Another desirable feature is the ability to create a user profile which can be used to match people with others who share the same interests.

A good online dating service should provide users with a way to manage their contacts. It can also be helpful to receive text based or e-mail notifications when new matches have been found.

Free vs Paid Services

The free services available for iPhone apps include Dating DNA (free version) and MyYearbook. Both services offer the ability to connect with members using the iPhone for chatting or texting. Dating DNA uses a GPS system to alert members to dating matches in their area. This service also offers their members the ability to filter who has access to their profiles through a compatibility threshold feature. The MyYearbook application allows users to give virtual gifts to others which include gold stars and stickers. The free services are hosted by sponsors who use advertising as their method of sponsorship.

Paid services will be ad free and often offer additional features not available for free services. Dating DNA has an upgraded service known as Dating DNA Plus. The extra cost allows members to access the service without interruption from ads. This service also allows members to view the questionnaires filled out by other members, which can give them a better idea about their interests and personal habits. SpeedDate, like eHarmony, offer free applications but require their members to pay a monthly fee to access their services online. MeetMoi NOW offers both a free and paid service similar to what DNA offers.

The online dating applications available for the iPhone makes it possible to meet new people while on the go. The easy to use mobile interfaces allow the features for each service to be accessed through the iPhone’s touch screen.

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