We all know that the rate of divorces is increasing in our society and yet we are not thinking of having pre-marital counseling before getting married. Marriage puts you in a complex relationship and you have to make careful adjustments to make it last forever. Most engaged couples do not understand the relevance of pre-marital counseling and later find it difficult to resolve the differences between them. Your happiness after marriage depends on the quality of relationship. Pre-marital counseling can play an important role in safeguarding your marriage and to keep your relationship happy.

Preventative Education

Pre-marital counseling is offered by most religious denominations and by psychotherapists. This counseling is designed to give proper education about married life and to prevent failures of marriages. These sessions help couples explore common issues found in married life, such as laws, money, responsibilities and sex.
This also helps the couples understand the potential conflicts before the marriage itself takes place. Counseling gives couples the chance to discuss various matters which may affect their lives in the future and how they are going to manage it. If the partners find them incompatible they can decide to cancel the marriage plans, this will prevent divorce after starting a family life.

Building Family Competency

Pre-marital counseling makes individuals think about the issues in their life and improve their thinking and action taking capacity to adjust to the needs of their partner and children.
Building relational and family competence is the essence of this counseling. When you understand your partner better it will deepen the intimacy and will help you communicate better even during conflicts. You will find that your emotional bonds are strengthened and the empathy toward your partner increases when you attend the counseling together. This will create a strong foundation of trust for your future life together as husband and wife.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Through pre-marital counseling you will gain a greater emotional understanding of each other and also develop a better self awareness.
It helps you improve your conflict resolution and decision making skills. You will find a better reqpect for each others individuality and find you will become more compassionate and empathetic with each other. This is very important for having a healthy and long term relationship.

Sharing the Responsibilities

In a family there are many responsibilities and it will be tiresome for any one to constantly take stock of the situation. In today’s world man and woman want to have equal importance in a marriage us such each party has to share the responsibilities. Gone are the days when women had to stay at home and had the sole responsibility to rear the children.
Discussing the responsibilities, division of labor, parenting style and family rules during counseling can help you discover appropriate solutions for these common issues. You can ensure the help in resolving such issues through your marriage counselor before you venture down the path of life committment and face married life positively.