One of the most timeless traditions in the whole of matrimony is the engagement ring. After all, “popping the question” and presenting a potential bride to be with an elegant ring is the first step down the road to wedded bliss. But engagement-ring selection is a subtle art, one to which most men are woefully unaccustomed. Indeed, the process of selecting the actual ring is rife with potential pitfalls and hazards. Choose the wrong type of ring, and all bets could be off.

That’s why it’s crucial for men to bear in mind the most important of considerations when on the hunt for a perfect engagement ring. And while there is no need to be a master jeweler in order to understand these considerations, it is necessary to do a bit of research before embarking on the task. This quick guide is designed to help men do just that.

Size her up

One of the major hazards of engagement-ring selection that men often encounter is not knowing the appropriate size to select. After all, a glimmering ring set with a perfectly cut stone doesn’t mean all that much if it doesn’t fit around the finger in question. And it is decidedly unromantic for a woman to have to immediately head back to the jeweler in order to have a recently presented ring be refitted.

The best solution to this problem is for men to employ some tactics from the clandestine arts. Swiping one of her rings while she is otherwise occupied and using it as an example for jewelers oftentimes works out best. Also, if her friends don’t completely hate the potential groom, they can be of assistance in providing vital ring-size info.

Select the band

It isn’t just the diamond that shimmers – the metal of the band does as well. There are four common types of metal used to make the bands of engagement rings, and these include:

  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold

And while sometimes these metals can be mixed to form the band, most of the time it is a single option. Also, each of the above has its own drawbacks and advantages. For example, platinum is long lasting and durable, but it loses its luster over time. Conversely, gold is brighter than platinum, but it won’t last nearly as long – maybe 15-20 years before it wears down to the point it needs reshanking.

Selecting the diamond

This is usually the part of the selection process where most men find out just how truly little they do know about engagement rings. And since, obviously, the diamond is the most coveted part of said ring, it’s good to know how to go about choosing one. But this process doesn’t need to be intimidating, as long as the guy in question keeps the “four C’s” in mind.

  • Cut: this has little to do with shape and more to do with angles and proportion. That’s because the angles of the stone’s cut determine just how much light is reflected in the prisms, which in turn bounce off the top. In basic terms, the cut determines how “sparkly” a diamond will be.
  • Color: it may be surprising for some to learn that there is a whole spectrum of colors to diamonds. There is a grading system to diamond color that runs the gamut from D (without color) to Z (light yellow). Men will find that they are going to pay much more for colorless diamonds, as these are the most rare around. And the most popular? Many women prefer white.
  • Clarity: Diamonds with few imperfections achieve a level of clarity that makes them more expensive on the open market. Men shopping for a diamond will likely hear the jeweler talk about “inclusions” when discussing a stone, and this refers to the small fractures or mineral deposits it possesses. Those shopping for a diamond want as few inclusions as possible.
  • Carat: the actual weight of the stone and the major determining factor price-wise. For example, a rock heavy enough to drag a girl to the bottom of a swimming pool is going to cost a pretty penny. But there’s no need to agonize over just how big of a stone to purchase; talented jewelers can shape a diamond in ways that can make less substantial stones appear larger than they actually are.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when selecting that perfect engagement ring. One final consideration is the shape of the stone, which will determine the overall look of the ring. Whether the guy opts for an oval, round, Princess or pear, the shape of it should be a reflection of the potential bride’s tastes and personality.

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