With time every relationship change form and shape. Being with the same person for a long time can become mundane and boring. Sexual attractions start to fade away in months, years, or in some cases, in decades of staying with each other. There are various reasons behind the fading away of sexual interest – stress, family and children’s demands, requirements of your work, and tiredness are some of the reasons people put the blame on for the drift that occurs in their relationship.

When a relationship wanes off, it gives way to another person. If you do not revive your relationship, it won’t last. To stop that from happening you need to be honest and faithful in a relationship. But being honest and telling everything to your partner is a practice. Given below is a list of relationship advice for women and men:

  • Make communication a priority in your relationship. If you want to be faithful to each other, you must have authentic communication. Take time out of your busy schedule and talk with each other. Keep no secrets in your marriage and talk about problems with each other. By doing this you can avoid potential problems in your relationship.
  • Stay away from temptations. You must avoid people or situations which can lead to temptations. You must respect your partner enough. You must be strict with people who attempt to seduce you or would encourage you to cheat in the absence of your partner.
  • Cheating should not be an impetuous decision. You must think of the consequences of cheating before you get in the act. Contemplate on the long term risks you’d be taking. You must also think of the advantages of being faithful to your partner. This will help in the growth of your relationship and will help you to solve problems better.
  • You must have a realistic view of what your committed relationship should be. Look for the benefits of a deeper love than momentary pleasures out of a temporary relationship. You must accept the fact that there might be days when you might not like your partner to be around. Being apart from each other for a few days does not mean that you need to look elsewhere. You must strive to take your relationship to a whole new level.
  • You must face relationship problems head on. If you or your partner is cheating on you there must be a  problem in your relationship that needs to be addressed. Contemplate on what is missing in the relationship and try to bring back the lost charm. Talk to your partner directly and face the problem together to be out of it fast.
  • If nothing else works, you must seek the help of a therapist or a marriage consultant. Such a professional will be able to help you solve problems in your relationship so that you and your partner open a new chapter in your relationship.

Every relationship advice for women and men will tell you that you should try to maintain a healthy and a long relationship with your partner. So, be honest and stay together.