relationship break upBreaking up is no doubt one of the hardest things to ever have to endure. But if you’re one half to an unhappy relationship and sticking it out in a state of misery just to avoid the pain that comes with a breakup, then you are likely to wind up even more miserable in the end.  So when you’re questioning whether or not your relationship is heading straight to Broken-Heartsville, be sure to check out the following signs that might tell you it’s time to pack up, say goodbye and move on without your former flame:

You can’t trust them.  Trust is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy relationship; and without trust all you’re going to have is a recipe for disaster.  If your significant other has been dishonest, cheated or given you other reasons not to be trusted, then it’s going to be difficult to salvage a relationship.  So when you are on the brink of a mental breakdown when your partner tells you they are going to the grocery store and you believe that they are really out with someone else, it might be time to call it quits and move on to someone else who will be worthy of your precious trust.

You are constantly fighting.  All couples fight—and arguments from time to time are a part of any normal, healthy relationship.  But if you’ve reached a point where all you do is argue and you find yourself initiating an all-out war over your guy leaving the toilet seat up, there might be more problems than just your distaste for your partner’s cleanliness.  Reflect on the relationship and think about whether or not the bad times outweigh the good…if they do then you don’t want to hang around to tear each other to pieces.

You aren’t the best you.  When you are in a relationship that has the potential for success, your other half will make you feel happy, positive and the need to be the best you that you can be.  However, if your partner is doing nothing but bringing you down and running your self-esteem into the ground, then success is not in the future for the relationship.  Let them go so that you can find happiness within yourself…and with someone new.

You’ve lost that loving feeling.  Even if you were deeply in love with the person once upon a time, people can change and so can your feelings.  Sure, relationships go through ups and downs…but if you don’t feel the undying love that was there before, then staying with that person isn’t fair—to you or to them.  Feelings fade but you don’t want to settle with someone who you aren’t in love with.  Everyone deserves to feel true, extraordinary love—so don’t settle for something that is merely ordinary.

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Erica St. Claire, owner of Best Catholic Dating Sites, is a guest post author who contributes this article about deciding whether or not to end your relationship.  An avid writer, Erica additionally Erica writes for those involved in motorcycle accidents.