Words can build and words can break. Over the years man has come to know the importance of words and the effects it can create in the lives of individuals. In every one’s life, one can attribute the level of success or failure that one has seen to the kind of words that he/she has received in the cause of his/her life. Whether the word spurred him on to do things that brought him to a point of success or whether the words contributed to the failure that he has experienced. That’s to show you the power of words and the effects it can have on someone’s live.

I have seen people because they constantly heard that they will never be anything in life grew up to believe and accept the fact that they will never achieve great success in their lives, so they have come to a point in their life where they see anything that happens to them as a natural cause of his destiny, that is to show you once again what words can do to a man’s life.

In this same way, the words that you use constantly in your relationship will either build your relationship or break your relationship. Very few people know about this, that’s why they seem not to know what the cause of the break ups they constantly have in their love life. If you want your relationship to grow and flourish, you need to make sure that you say words that build each other in every way possible. Just a simple word that you think wouldn’t mean anything can ruin the relationship you have been building for a long time. So you need to make sure that the words that normally come out of your mouth to your partner are words that will build the person and not words that will literally kill the person.

There are people that their tongue is a time bomb in disguise, they say anything that comes to mind without a second thought, and they wonder why they never get to last long in any relationship they get into.

Use Words to Show That You Care

Like most couples say in a relationship, ‘My boyfriend knows that I love him, I don’t have to tell him, he already knows that’ or my girlfriend knows that I love her, I don’t have to tell her, she already knows that’. It doesn’t matter if they know that you love them, you have to learn how to express it in your words, and you have to do it often. When you tell your spouse or your partner that you love them you create in them a sense of certainty that your love for them is unending, and they are confident that their relationship with you will only make them happy. There are people who will say that, ‘My boyfriend tells me that he loves me but he never shows that he loves me. I know that might make you feel bad, but the more he tells you that he loves, the more he starts having the consciousness that he has to start doing things that will prove that he loves you.

Saying words that shows that you care about your partner will strengthen the bond that you have with your partner. Words that will make them happy, words that will make them feel loved, words that will build them up emotionally and not words that will rather tear them down.

Use Words That Build

Few years ago, I had a small get together party in my house where my friends came over to have a nice time. It was a party for my friends and family that I usually have once in a year, this is where we come together to talk about how the year has been and the things that we are expecting to achieve the coming year and what we want to have in the coming year.

During one of these parties, a friend of my came with his son and while the party was going on, the little boy who was about 8 years of age was somewhere in the corner of the house unhappy and sad, nobody noticed him and no one paid attention to him, but my mum, being an elderly woman noticed him and went straight up to him and asked him quietly what the problem was, and the young man told my mum that he was constantly ridiculed that he has the nose of a monkey.
Because of that single comment, he has been unhappy for weeks now and unable to perform at his highest level. My mum told him that he has the best nose in the world and that he should be proud of it, after hearing that, his mood was changed and he came out dancing and eating everything that he could lay his hands on. Few days later his dad called to ask me what happened, that his son has changed since they came to my house for that party, that his always happy now and always looking alive and he has also improved in his academic pursuit.

Just few days ago, I saw this little boy, but now he is no longer a little boy, he is now grown and mature, and he told me, that single word that my mum told him years back then has made his life what is it now, and with what I saw, I was happy because he is doing very well.

So it is also in relationships too, you should constantly say words that will empower your partner, words that will build and lift their spirits. Words like ‘You are the best thing that has ever happened to me’, ‘you are the best in the world’, ‘you are beautiful or you are handsome’, and so forth. Saying these different words will empower your partner positively and that will make your relationship stronger.

Have Word Sessions

Find a time during your week or days when you just say nice words to each other, even though if it is for just 10 minutes, make out the time to do this and you will be amazed at what this singular act will do to your relationship.
I always have word sessions with my partner; we make out time every week where we tell each other the good things that we know and feel about each other. These word sessions that I have with my partner lasts from 30-60 minutes and the results that we get from these word sessions never ceases to amaze me and my partner. Even when we are having challenges, we never miss this time together, and the miracle it does is that in that challenging moment we find out that we just overcome whatever challenge that we were facing before.

Communication and Words

You can’t have a solid word session if you don’t communicate very well with your partner. Communication is very vital in any relationship and if that aspect of a relationship is missing, then no matter what you do, it never workout. If you to know the good qualities of your partner, you ought to know many things about your partner and that can only happen if you have regular communication with your partner. Have quality communication with your partner so that you will have what to say during your word sessions.

Take it Back

Now that you are trying as much as possible to make sure that you use only the right words in your relationship, there will be times that you might utter words that are not right for your relationship. At that moment, you should immediately apologize for every negative word that you uttered to your spouse.

You can say ‘I am sorry for using that word, I know I shouldn’t use it and I have realized that it will not build our relationship and I promise not to use it again’. Saying something like that will awaken you to the fact that you should be careful of the words that you use.

If you don’t know or think that words have a big role to play in your relationship, then you have to know that from now and start working towards making every word that comes out of your mouth “ear worthy”, that means every word that should come out of your mouth should be words that will take your relationship to a higher level.

I really appreciate for the time you spent to read this article, and I believe that it will help you build the kind of relationship that you desire to have. Thank you and keep saying the right words always.