The dating scene can be daunting at the best of times. Being in your 40s, female and divorced used to make the whole idea of dating seem nightmarish to many people. But times have changed, as has society’s perceptions of divorce and the type of life that follows in its wake.

The old clichés of divorced women in their 40’s living in a house full of cats and dowdy cardigans is dying out. Instead, more and more women coming out of marriages later in life are embracing the single life with all the gusto and excitement of a twenty one year old but with the grounding and experience only age can bring.

With the rise of internet dating sites and the empowerment of women in both society and the workplace, this new generation of women are emerging from divorces with their heads held high, a stable or ever lucrative income and a sense of forthright independence that hasn’t been seen before. One term which has recently emerged for describing women in this scenario is “Sindie”.

What is a Sindie?

An acronym for “Single Income Now Divorced”,

the term Sindie has been used quite a bit lately in various publications
. It’s generally used to describe divorced women in their forties, often still bringing up children, who are not ready to put their feet up at home and instead want to have active social lives and pursue their dreams and desires. Instead of feeling trapped and avoiding the limelight, many older women coming out of long-term relationships actually have a renewed sense of confidence and freedom.

Because they are often more financially secure and experienced in life, the process of dating for more mature women can often be a very rewarding experience and reveals new aspects of their personalities.

Many of the celebrities getting significant media attention are successful older women
. TV presenter Melanie Sykes, supermodel Heidi Klum and actress Liz Hurley are all Sindies in the public eye who have chosen to take advantage of their new found status and revel in their singledom rather than shy away from it. They can provide an example for other divorcees who would like to get back out


Goodbye to single status anxiety

Both women and men worry about being left “on the shelf” if they are not paired up later in life. Divorce or other types of separation come with added insecurities because one is not used to being single. One of the best ways to counter these feelings of anxiety is to give the dating scene another go. Of course, it helps to ask a friend who is more used to the modern online dating methods, for a few tips to start off with. But soon you’ll be typing and swiping away and arranging your next exciting date!

About the Author:
Muna Saleem is an associate solicitor with Family Law Firm, Crisp & Co and an accredited member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. You can connect with her or any of Crisp & Co’s other solicitors on Twitter.