You and your partner are officially just friends but still you both enjoy some benefits that don’t come along with being friends. Those who are in this type of relationship, ‘Friends with Benefits‘ believe that there’s no problem with it, but along the way the relationship will either end badly or will demand things that you both can’t give.

The feelings involved specially with relationship like ‘Friends with Benefits’ can often be hard to handle and can sometimes cause serious problems if you’re not on the lookout. So it’s important to set some rules in order for you and the other person not getting hurt when things go wrong.

friends with benefits

For those who are in this type of relationship, here are a few “Rules” for “Friends with Benefits” situations:

1.) Never get yourself into the situation and expect more from your partner.

Sometimes, lots of women get herself into the “Friends with Benefits” situation hoping that the man will eventually fall for her.

I can tell you that it doesn’t work that way. If a man she’s seeing is just looking for sexual connection and nothing more, the guy is being honest with himself. Even if how good you are in bed, most of the time you can never change his mind.

2.) Always be honest to your partner if you’re emotionally attached already.

Be brutally honest to the partner if you’re falling for him/her. This is important so that they will be aware of the situation and talk about it with them. If for instance, they don’t have the same feelings as you have at the moment, STOP seeing and sleeping with them immediately. So both of you can move on from it and you may not end up getting hurt.

3.) Always use protection.

This is a must! No ifs, no excuses and no buts’, just protect yourself. You don’t want to be in a situation of having unwanted pregnancy or acquiring some sexually transmitted diseases. Even if the girl is on birth control pills, condoms are still an essential tool to use. Trust me, they will be more likely to appreciate and respect you for it.

4.) There must be No Romance!

Treat them as if they’re just your friends and there should be no romance going on. Doing so will prevent you and the other person from falling in love. Once the emotion set into play, just go back to rule number 2 above to deal with it.

5.) Make sure to balance your life.

Be certain that you’re not enabling the other person to take away all the important things you have in life. Don’t let them control you; putting your other friends, family or job just second only to them. After all, you still have a life to live and enjoy when all things are done. Make sure you always keep it in check.

Though it is good to be in “Friends with Benefits“, some rules must be set first so both of you don’t end up getting hurt when the situation ends.