Marriage has always been the single most pious relationship that one can live in his/her lifetime. Marriage is the only relationship that plays an important role in ensuring life goes on. Like any other relationship, marriage can sometimes be surrounded by overwhelming issues and it is in those times that the foundation of marriage is challenged. Sometimes, these issues are overcome by the couples in marriage and at other times people fail to make a breakthrough. That’s when marriages can hit rock bottom and even lead to separation.

If you feel your marriage is breaking apart, if you feel your partner is about to exit from the same door she entered into your life, it is time to get relationship counselling!

Understanding the nuances of relationship counselling

Is there a need for relationship counselling? Yes! Most definitely! If the yacht of your life is sinking, what do you do? Do you let it sink or do you try and revive it? Obviously, you will try to save it from sinking and the same goes for your marriage as well. This is where relationship counselling will play the role of the “catalyst” that will save your marriage from dying.

This is not your regular kind of counselling as most would imagine. This can be termed as Alchemic relationship counselling because it uses holistic healing methods, tools, and techniques to heal you, your partner, and your marriage. Sounds different and unfamiliar, does it?

Basically, the process of healing also known as harmonizing uses energy – yes the same life energy that you have probably read about in some spiritual magazine or heard on some spiritualistic television show.

“We are all but energy and we are surrounded by energy!”

There is a fine balance that is created within you by the positive and negative energies within you. Whenever an energy block is created, the energy harmony is disturbed. This means that there will be a higher flow of negative energy as opposed to positive energy and this is the root of all problems and sickness.

Now let’s look at some of the most common emotions that cause a marriage to drift apart:

• Ego: This one is a definite heart breaker as it will never let you accept your fault
• Arrogance: You are always right! Well, not always!
• Lack of trust: Trust is the “big” factor in any relationship that keeps the relationship alive.
• Doubts: If you have a doubt, confront! Don’t let your imaginations play havoc in your head.
• Hurt: Yes, he hurt you yesterday and you hurt him today. What is the point of hurting each other? It will become a vicious circle that will end with more pain than you can handle!

These are all negative emotions! Where do you think these emotions arise from? The lack of energy balance or an energy block causes these emotions!

How do you find the balance?

Alchemic relationship counselling helps in finding that balance! What this type of counselling really does is:

• Alchemic methods can help you to find a lot of peace. It can relax your mind so that you are in a better position to see where your marriage stands and how you can bring a positive change
• It helps in opening your mind to receive positive knowledge
• Alchemic relationship counselling provides necessary input towards harmonizing and improving your relationships
• Healing products can be used for increasing your libido, which is most often one of the primary issues for a relationship going stale

Last but not the least, relationship counselling will not only help heal your relationship but will also help you to move on to a higher spiritual plane and you will come out a more enlightened and self-realized being!

About Author:

Jacques Tombazian is a spiritual healer, alchemist and founder of Global Healing Foundation of New York. He has helped many people by providing alchemic relationship counselling that has changed their lives and relationship in a meaningful way.