Many couples believe that in order for them to have a happy and healthy marriage, they need to have an active sex life. They believe that when sex becomes boring, or occurs infrequently that it will be difficult for them to maintain a healthy marriage. While sex therapists and marriage counselors agree that having a satisfying sex life is important, it is not the only factor that keeps a couple’s relationship strong and happy.

Is Sex Crucial For Leading a Healthy Marriage?

There are actually many couples who have a strong and healthy marriage without sexual intercourse. This is due to the fact that they understand that it takes more to keep a relationship going, other than frequently engaging in sexual activities. These couples have learned that true happiness with their partner comes more from trust, respect, and laughter than from sex. This helps to build the emotional bonds that exist between happy couples. For some couples that deep feelings of intimacy help them stay emotionally connected more than if they only relied on sexual intercourse.

An Emotional Connection Can Be Just As Important as Sex

Sex is important in a relationship, especially during the initial stages, it can help couples relax around each other and begin to develop a sense of intimacy and trust. How compatible couples are with each other sexually can also help determine how strong and happy the relationship will be. Even though sex is important, intimacy and a strong emotional connection are equally crucial to a health marriage. This can be true in some marriages where the need for physical intimacy may decrease, if there is still a strong emotional connection most relationships will still be healthy. The strong bond can also help to increase sexual desire in a relationship, which can increase the number of times a couple engages in sex. It can also help to improve communication during sex, which not only helps to keep both partners satisfied sexually it also helps to make the marriage stronger.

Good Communication Is As Important as Sex in a Healthy Marriage

Sex is important in a marriage or relationship and is closely linked to feelings of intimacy and physical satisfaction. Without the emotional and physical connection most relationships will not be able to last. In fact many couples have found that once the connection is severed, their marriages also begin to fail. Feelings of anger and resentment can also build up, which only makes the relationship more distant and miserable for both partners.

If sex is a problem then it is important for couples to be able to discuss the issues with each other. The emotional bond between them should be strong enough to compensate for the decrease in sexual activity. Discussing the reasons why there is less physical intimacy, will not only improve communication it can also improve a couple’s sex life. This can be especially helpful in older couples who may already be experiencing a decrease in sexual desire due to the natural aging process. The ability to communicate intimately with each other is one of the keys to having a long and happy marriage.


Sexual intercourse is important in all stages of a relationship, and helps to determine if two people are compatible. While it will continue to be important, there are other factors that also play a crucial role in keeping a marriage healthy and happy. Having an intimate bond both physically and emotionally is crucial for leading a healthy marriage. Not only can it help to prevent problems with sexual satisfaction in the bedroom, it can also help couples stay connected when there is a limited amount of sexual activity. Being able to communicate with each other can help reduce feelings of guilt and anger, and explain why there has been a marked decrease in sexual interest. Sex is crucial for leading a happy marriage, but so is communication. Without the ability to connect and communicate, most couples are doomed to fail even if they have amazing sex lives.