single dadThe most common problem for single parents who have been recently divorced is that they wait too long to date again. Mostly the reason they come up is they have no time for meeting new people and they’re busy for it. However, the real reason for this is fear. They tend not to open up again to someone they just met. This is probably because the previous relationship they had end up ugly so they usually can’t let go the fear of rejection from themselves.

If for instance they free themselves and are now dating again, they most probably do it wrong. A lot of single parents do this only to prove to their ex that they’re still desirable by dating as many as they can especially when they’re left with younger partners. Another reason also is that they feel lonely and one way to cure that loneliness is to date someone again without even thinking twice if that’s the right thing to do both for them and the children.

Right after a break up or divorce, both partners usually jump from one partner to another almost every week or month and they usually don’t commit to the new relationship. However after quite some time, they will come to a point that they may need a partner for a lifetime, not just for themselves but for the kids as well. This is really true for single fathers out there.

Now if you’re one of them and you’re determined to find that special someone for long term relationship, you must first be sure that you’re making the best decision for yourself and for the future mom of your kids. Below are some of the best rules to consider when looking for real partner in life for single dads.

1.) First, make a rule that you will not bring your past relationship to the new one.

There’s no exception to this rule as it is pointless to enter a new relationship and will simply be ruined in the future if you drag the past experiences along.

2.) The kids must be your top priority!

Make sure you will protect them at all cost and keep them there no matter what happens. Also, explain to them and make them understand that you will be having a life other than them. Tell them that you will be having lesser time with them but never your love and that you will always be there for them.

3.) Look for women to date who have kids already.

Sometimes, women who don’t have kids will never understand you and the needs of your children. They usually don’t have patience for that.

Remember that children are the master when it comes to infuriating someone. During the initial stage of your new relationship, your date will be the usual target for them.

4.) Try not to choose someone simply because she’s getting along well with your child.

Remember that you’re trying to look for someone that matches your likes in order for the relationship to work for a lifetime. So it is important to find someone that you’re attracted to, someone that you really like and care about and someone who can accept your kids.

5.) And last thing is to accept her kids as well.

Remember that her kids are the top priority of her life.  So, be sure to try your best to get along with them and build the relationship not just for her but for her kids too.

When dating for single dads, simply follow the above dating rules or make them a guide for you to create your own. Make it good this time as it is your second chance for you and your children.