Online dating doesn’t just lead to exchanging flirty emails and photos – there are thousands of people who take the relationship one step further and decide to meet up in person.

This is no ordinary date. The two people already know something about each other and have formed expectations that could be difficult to meet, so it must be approached differently from a date with someone you meet in a coffee shop.

Body language forms a big part of dating communication, and scientists study the interaction between men and women by looking at their demeanor as much as their words.

With words accounting for only 7% of all human communication, there are easy ways to make the date more enjoyable before you even open your mouth and turn your encounter into one of the online dating success stories.

 1. Body Position Shows Interest

Showing yourself open minded and willing to listen is a key part of keeping the other person interested. Lean forward as they recount a story and avoid slouching in your seat – this shows boredom and tiredness. For women, cross your legs towards, rather than away from, your date, as this subconsciously creates a smaller and more intimate space between you.

2. Good Hand Gestures, Bad Hand Gestures

Do not clench your fists or cross your arms, as this shows dislike. It is also worth keeping your hands visible and folded while the other person is talking – let your face show the emotion. While speaking, do not gesticulate too much, as this will make you appear nervous. When using your hands to emphasize a point, have your palms upwards to indicate yourself to be trustworthy and your palms downwards to enforce gravitas in what you say.

3. Mind Your Micro-expressions

Faces are the most important parts of our bodies when it comes to communicating. Faces are constantly revealing our true emotions in the form of micro-expressions, which are universal despite age, nationality or culture and last only a fraction of a second. They are almost impossible to control for most people, but your date probably won’t notice them.

4. Windows to the Soul

The eyes are the most important part of facial expressions. When meeting up with your date, try to maintain eye contact as much as possible. This creates intimacy and makes you appear more honest. Try not to touch your face too much – this can be a sign of insecurity.

There are no magical ways to make a date perfect, and it may take a few tries before meeting a person with whom you share the right chemistry, but if you remember this advice, it won’t be long before you’ve got your own success story to tell!