During the Victorian Age, a popular wedding tradition originated to bring the bride good luck. You may have heard the phrase, “Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” While most brides recite this phrase before the vow exchange, do you really know the history and importance of these objects?

Something Old

When a bride carries an old memento into her new marriage, she marks the end of one life and the beginning of another. An old family heirloom reminds a bride that she leaves the past behind her. Today, she starts a new life and family while she remains connected to her family of origin.

Religious jewelry is often passed down from previous generations and can be a good option. Some couples use wedding rings from their ancestors. Other brides carry an heirloom handkerchief, gold earrings, silver bracelets or maybe have a vintage wedding dress. In some cases, the bride will save the old token as a gift for her daughter’s wedding day.

Something New

Every bride longs for marital bliss. By wearing something new, she visually declares her hopes and dreams for a fulfilling marriage, til death do they part.

A gift of religious jewelry from her partner or a locket with photos of the couple fulfills the “new” requirement. The bride may also count her dress, shoes or undergarments as her new item. Other choices include a new hair clip, barrette or bow that reminds the bride of the new life she begins with her beloved. This is probably the easiest “something” to fulfill.

Something Borrowed

Do you know a seasoned married woman who dwells in fulfilling, healthy marriage? Borrow something she wore on her wedding day, and obtain a piece of her happiness.

Ask your mother, grandmother, future mother-in-law, friend or pastor’s wife if she has an item you can borrow. Ensure her that you will take good care of it and will return it as soon as possible. Consider borrowing a vintage wedding gown, pearl necklace, lace handkerchief or tulle veil.

Something Blue

When a bride marries her beloved, she promises to be faithful and true. A blue item reminds her of the purity and faithfulness she will promise.

As long as the bride’s dress is not sheer or see-through, she can wear a blue-trimmed garter or undergarments. She may also choose to wear blue nail polish, earrings, a ring or shoes. Carrying a blue ribbon in her bouquet could also fulfill the blue tradition.

Your wedding day is one you will never forget. Carry on the Victorian Age tradition when you wear old, new, borrowed and blue items. Exercise your creativity and personality when you wear jewelry, clothing or another memento on your special day. Honor successful marriages and bring good luck to your own future as a married woman.