What a painful thing it is to lose the one that you love, when experiencing a separation or a break-up. It’s a different sort of pain than when a loved one dies or relocates to another part of the world. It’s more personal and stings sharply because the one that makes you happy has chosen to be without you. And chosen to take away your choice to be with them.

This wreaks havoc on your emotional well-being and self esteem.That which paradoxically needs to be at its peak to attract your love back into your life. But it’s revolutionary for you to remember that the situation isn’t completely out of your hands because you can proceed to rekindle your relationship with your ex.

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However, rekindling is an art at best. Every aspect of rekindling with your ex love draws a thin line.

  • With the initial “No Contact” rule, you have to be careful not to contact your ex and scare them off or make them feel that you are smothering them. But at the same time it’s not advisable that you become so absent from their life that they believe you’ve moved on to greener pasture.
  • When you finally do contact your ex at the precise opportune moment, you have to know the exactly right words to express yourself. You don’t have an endless amount of chances to show your ex that a life with them will be filled with happiness. That you are the one that will make that happiness a reality in a way that another man can’t.
  • And once you’ve got your ex back into your arms, you have to know which behavior thrives a healthy relationship. What is the point of regaining the love if you have no game plan for maintaining it? If you believe getting your ex back is in one moment and then things can go back to the way they were, you’re setting yourself up for a greater loss. When a person sets out to lose weight they change their eating habits but as soon as they go back to eating the unhealthy foods, they gain back the weight, recreating the same body that had compelled them to lose weight in the first place. This same concept applies to losing and gaining your ex.

This may sound tedious and discouraging but in truth it is lucky for you that you don’t have to blindly find your way down this path on your own. Countless men have reunited with an ex and all you have to do is emulate their patterns for your own quick success.

We can’t all be Ryan Gosling, but we can certainly study his ways and adopt some of his traits, without straying from our genuine self. Perhaps for now restrain from prying your ex from her door-frame out into the rain and screaming “It wasn’t over, It’s still not over!” For now.

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