love letterWriting a letter to your significant other is one of the most romantic ways you can tell them exactly how you feel. Love letters should be sentimental and memorable. However, it can be difficult to write down everything you want to say when you are unsure of where to start.

Step 1. Choose the right stationary. Before you actually write your love letter, you need to choose stationary that matches your mood. While it is acceptable to write a letter on plain paper, nicer stationary shows that you put thought and time into your letter.

Step 2. Start your letter off the right way. A love letter is personal and starting it off in too formal a manner can make the rest of the letter sound less personal. At the beginning of your letter, avoid using formal phrases. Instead, start your letter with more romantic phrases such as “my dearest,” and “to the love of my life.” The right beginning sets the tone for the rest of the letter.

Step 3. Once you’ve written the greeting, you need to write the body of your letter. The body of most love letters is the place where you can express exactly how you feel about your lady. Tell the person why you are writing the letter, how much he or she means to you, and how much you love them. Think of the body of your letter as a place to say everything you may not be able to say in person.

Step 4. End your letter correctly. The end of a letter is just as important as the beginning. You do not want to sound too formal or abrupt. Instead, close your letter with a sentimental phrase, and sign it with the name you go by. For example, sign your letter with your nickname, instead of your formal name. If you sign with your formal name, it can make the letter sound impersonal.

Things to Consider when Writing Your Letter

When you write your letter, you should consider what you put into it. For example, you could describe the happiest moment you have spent with your partner, and why it made you happy. You could also describe the moment you realized you loved them or how they changed your life.

Another thing you could consider is how you see your future together. If you are married, describe how you felt on your wedding day, and how you see your lives together as you grow older. If you are not yet married tell them about all of the things you want to do together in the life ahead.

If you are parents, you can always discuss what a great mother or father they are, and how you are forever bonded because of your children. If your partner is pregnant or the two of you are trying to become pregnant, let them know what a great parent they will be, and how much you can’t wait to start your journey into parenthood together.

What not to put in Love Letters for her or him

A love letter should be happy. As you write your letter, avoid including reminders of unhappy situations, fights you’ve had with one another, or memories that would make your significant other upset.

Also avoid mentioning any other person or statements that make you sound unsure of your relationship. For example, you would not want to include negative or questionable feelings you have had about your relationship in the past.

You should also avoid comparing your relationship to someone else’s such as your parents or one of your past relationships. The love letter is about the two of you and what your relationship is like and not how it measures up to another relationship.

Writing a love letter can be difficult. When you first start writing heartfelt feelings, it may seem unnatural to express yourself in words. However, as you write your first love letter, think of all the things your significant other does that makes you happy. Think about your life together, and how you want to continue to build on that life. As you recall how important your partner is to you, writing a love letter to them will be much easier.