funny-i-love-youLove, a magical feeling that makes any person completely new again and feels incredible. Love, a four letter word that changes a person’s life in an instant. Did you ever heard of the words love at first sight?

One who wakes up in the morning that doesn’t care about the world and one who has a happy go lucky type of personality, gets serious in an instant and has a dreamy look in the eyes as soon as the night-time falls. What happened to the person? Well it’s obvious, that person fell in love with someone during the day and doesn’t know what to do next.

The first response of this person is normally dreaming. Most of the time, they have dreams when they’re asleep and even more throughout the day. They usually lose all their attentions towards their work simply because their full attention is being directed thinking about the new person that caught their eyes.

Then, here comes the planning stage of the place where they can meet again. How can the person find that lovely someone again? Maybe some friends, you simply don’t know? The whole thing depends on the place where the love was found, right?

After having and getting more glimpses, the love becomes more serious and deeper as time goes by and the dreams keep coming back a lot more frequent now. But just like that, fear also sets in. What happens if the other person doesn’t feel the same way the way you do? What if they don’t like you? How would you feel? This time the physical looks are given some immediate attentions.

What if they are in a relationship or deeply in love with someone else? That is terrible, right? Don’t think about it at all. And if that happens,’ I will surely move the heavens and mountains just to win my love’.

And last but not the least, the final question is how do I say the words’ I love you’ to the person? Will I send some flowers and write the words in the note with it? Can I send the message through someone? Is it okay if I meet them in person and dare to tell the words in front of them? What about sending some anonymous letters saying it all on the message?

One continues to think of the many ways of saying ‘I Love You’ and all of a sudden, it all burst out. ‘Please I love you, how about you?’ And their response is, ‘since the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you, but didn’t know how to say it to you?’