Relationships are not a bed of roses, they are tough. In order to make a relationship work you will have to work hard, harder than you have ever worked for anything in your life. Even if it becomes very difficult, it is love for the other person that will help you overcome all the challenges and live a happy life.

Before you start your new life with someone there are certain vital points that you must keep in mind.  Applying these points to your life and relationship will help you to make your relationship a success.

  • Love yourself first: Strange as it may sound, you cannot be happy in a relationship unless you are happy with yourself. Realize your qualities and your strong points and try to work on your flaws. Nobody is perfect, but you are unique in your own way. If you have a past, you should learn to leave that behind and invest all your attention in the present and future. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate and get ample sleep. Only if you are happy, you can make others happy.
  • Work on compatibility: No relationship can work if there is no compatibility between two individuals. Find the common things that you both share and do the things together. The feeling of camaraderie will go a long way in forging the bond and establishing a strong foundation. You will also feel more connected to your partner if you are compatible with each other.
  • Accept: You must understand that your partner is a human being too. He has his own flaws and drawbacks that you may not appreciate. But, it is both the good and the bad that makes a person what he or she is. You must learn to accept it all and love the person for who he is.
  • Realistic expectations: Books and movies often set unrealistic expectation in us about relationships. You must keep yourself firmly grounded and ponder upon the expectations you have from your partner. Remember it is impossible to be happy all the time in a relationship. Shifting away from reality will make it even more difficult.
  • Be honest: It goes without saying that lies and dishonesty will not lead you anywhere in the long run. In relationships, you must be open and honest with your partner. Do not keep your partner in the dark about anything. If you have any secrets, share it with them. This way you have sleep better at night and be happy in your relationship.
  • Keep the flame alive: We do a lot of things at the beginning of the relationship to make our partner happy. But as the time passes, we settle down in our roles and let the relationship become mundane. Remember that your relationship is precious and it needs to be nurtured. Spend quality time together with each other and try some new things. You can also take your partner to an impromptu date or getaway and revive the magic.