Life feels great when there is someone new coming into your life, doesn’t it? Well, when there the answer is ‘yes’ for the four magical words, “will you marry me?” life all of a sudden looks so beautiful for the two of you. Everything thing in the world begins to look so beautiful and colorful. Every morning feels to a new morning with soothing feelings and a big smile in the face.

The most memorable day is the day of your engagement. However, you certainly begin to plan for this day from beforehand. As days come closer you start feeling that there is so much to do in so little time. Why not you do something more memorable for your engagement?

Engagement rings

Why not make it more breath-taking for the rest of your life, till the end of days? You can make use of the most creative engagement announcement ideas for surprising the world. So, how can you do it? What are things that you can do to make your engagement unforgettable for the both of you and also your friends, family, and relatives? Here, is some of the most creative engagement ideas that you can make use of.

 Old Love Notes Can Be Handy

You can certainly get hold of an old love note that you had written to your partner a long time back or it can even be a love note from your partner. You can certainly take the picture of the old love note holding it in your hands. This will certainly be a very simple but a sweet way to disclose you and your partner’s engagement announcement.


Be Innovative By Making a Heart

One great way to display your love and affection for your partner and also disclosing the fact that you both are getting married is by simply making a heart. Yes, you can make a heart with your thumbprints. One thumbprint should face upwards towards the left and the other should be facing upwards to the right. Make sure that both are joining at the bottom.

You can also take a selfie of you two sharing a passionate kiss at the place where you got engaged. You can also stretch out your hands in front of the camera displaying a heart shape.


Do Pop A Champagne

You certainly click some good photographs where you two are sharing an excited “cheers!” You can also shake your champagne bottle well before popping up the cork. After you have popped the cork of the champagne bottle let the champagne flow while you both kiss. This can certainly be a memorable click of your engagement.

People Who Are In Love with Coffee 

If you and your partner are coffee lovers then you can certainly prepare a pair of customized coffee mugs in one of them “Mr.” is written and in another “Mrs.” Is written in another. Hold both the cups with the hands where you have the engagement rings and share a kiss at the background. This is one of the most innovative and creative engagement clicks you can have for the rest of your life.