Perhaps you’ve heard of the “No Contact Rule” by now if you are proactively taking steps toward getting your ex girlfriend back. Not only is it a classic concept in the area of regaining lost love, it is nearly the very first step taken towards getting her back.

Now, some would argue that the No Contact Rule is controversial and debate it’s necessity and even its merit. I would like to provide an insight into why the no contact rule is vital and should be the rule, while there are exceptions. And to undress it, so to speak.

First off, in the case that your girlfriend broke up with you , it’s common sense that she’s already essentially filed for a gentle restraining order against you. Within the boundaries of the law or without, it’s safe to say this should be heeded.

How to Seduce Your BoyfriendBesides that “no contact” is granting your ex exactly what she wants, how does this no contact actually work towards your benefit?

It would appear to be a paradox to avoid contact with someone when your sole purpose is to draw them back into your arms and into your life and into the most intimate spaces between the sheets and in your mind.

Isn’t it dishonest to lead your ex girlfriend to believe that you agree with the break up, when in fact you are plotting to get her back?

Well, women are fickle creatures. You have to ask yourself, “Do I want to do what it takes to get my ex girlfriend back or do I want to wear my intentions on my sleeve, and dub her the one that got away?” It’s up to you.

One of the most important things for you to do is to divert the focus from her onto yourself right now.

  1. You should be pondering on what went wrong in the relationship, because until you do, you aren’t ready to get her back anyways.
  2. You should be contemplating how to address her concerns which led to your demise.
  3. You should be giving yourself some much needed loving, the kind only you can give. This should include any sort of confidence building and nurturing.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. When was the last time you missed yourself? Never I’m betting, because you’re always right there hovering around, obviously. Point being, how is your ex girlfriend supposed to miss you let alone realize what she’s missing, if you inhabit her shadow.

Right now you are probably frantically wondering what your ex is doing and who she’s doing it with. She has that power over you, by cutting you off. You need to be doing a little of the cutting off yourself, regain some of the power and have her wondering what you are doing. Hence igniting her curiosity and slight jealousy.

Soon she won’t be able to stop herself from initiating contact with you to see what your up to, and if you miss her. Don’t think about it as a trick but as doing your ex girlfriend a favor by giving her exactly what she asked for. Nobody likes to be suffocated.

With the no contact rule undressed, naked and vulnerable in front of us, keep in mind that there is an art to putting it into action. So as not to push her away or hurt her.

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