One of the many issues that concern couples during the holidays is by having religious differences. Finding out the best ways to deal with this problem is a must when you want a healthy and happy relationship that lasts.

Talk about the problem

I just hope that you and your partner have already talked about this matter before the holiday season arrives. If you have then you probably don’t need to worry this coming Christmas season for any stress that it might bring to both of you.

If in case you haven’t talked about it yet, then maybe now is the perfect time to have a conversation about the problem. Practically in all situations, you can avoid any problems that may come in the future when you both can sit and talk about things in advance. Being aware with what’s happening within your relationship can really help formulate some ground rules in some instances that may avoid any issues before they arise.

coupleCommunication is vital to make things work out for both of you. This is one element of relationship that is very important not just in your religious differences but as a whole.

Combine elements of both religions

When dealing with religious difference in relationships during holidays, don’t forget to not just honor the traditions and beliefs that you have grown up with but honor also those of your partner’s. Try to find a way to combine both aspects of religion if for example one of you is Jewish and one is Christian. You may add a menorah in your home in addition to your Christmas tree and nativity scene.

When you’re looking for gifts, in food preparation or when you’re thinking about the services that you’re planning to attend during the holidays, don’t forget to incorporate the aspects of both religions. The merge of both aspects from each religion will greatly depend on the two of you, so make it right.

Make sure you and your partner’s parents understand the situation

At times, the parents may become the biggest barrier when you’re dating a person that is different from the family’s religious beliefs. If in case you’re in a situation like this, I guess it’s time for a gut check. All of us love our parents and we make sure that everything we do pleases them however there are some instances in our lives that you will have to let them lead you and stay out with all of your decisions.

If they haven’t learned this lesson yet, then I guess you’ll be the first to teach them. It may be hard for both you and your partner to go through it but if you can stand your decisions; your parents will eventually learn to adjust with the new situation. This may sound rough but if you think what you’re doing is right then again it’s your life, it’s your decision to make for yourself.

Hopefully all of these ideas in preventing problems with religious differences during holidays can help you get through with your situation right now. Keep in mind that Christmas is all about love and whatever your religion is; don’t try to make things more complicated than that.