Divorce is something we hope doesn’t happen to us. We hope to be one of those who would be lucky enough to have a happily-ever-after. But life isn’t a fairy-tale and sometimes prince charming turns out to be a frog in disguise. When your marriage reaches an inevitable end, the next best thing you can hope for is an amicable divorce and staying friends.

amicable divorce


Before you or your partner decide to file a divorce, check and talk with each other first, and try to work together to have an amicable divorce. Is this something that you both decided on? If it is something one-sided, all hell can break loose. Divorce is a serious decision that you need to think twice and many more times before you really consider signing that document that will permanently sever your ties with the person you thought was your one and only.

Irreconcilable Differences

Love is a choice that you make everyday. That giddy feeling you have when you first fall in love will eventually fade away and what remains is a choice to work on that relationship and to keep on loving the person you have chosen to commit to. As time passes, people change and this change may not always lead couples in the same direction. Growing apart is especially common with those who married young. It’s possible that the man you fell in love with in the past may not be the same person he is now. When one is in his or her 20s, he or she is still figuring out who she is. In their 30s, men and women become more self-assured and possesses more insight on what they want out of life and their lifetime partner.

Last Resort

If you tried everything in your power to fight for and make your marriage work, then the higher the possibility of you parting in a friendly way and having an amicable divorce. Divorce should be a last resort thing–the very final option when marriage counseling doesn’t work. The only way you will realize that staying married is no longer possible is when you fight for it and find out that it is truly a lost cause. Fight will all your might before you decide to throw the towel in. At least you did your best to salvage your relationship and whatever the outcome is, you can move on without regrets. If all attempts to work out your marital problems fail, you can get prepaid legal plans and ask for advice on how to proceed.


If you must divorce, make sure you settle it amicably not just for your peace of mind but most of all, for the sake of your children. No kid wants to be torn between parents. An ugly custody battle can leave your little ones scarred for life. The childhood trauma that they sustain can also affect their future and how they deal with their own relationships. An amicable divorce will spare them from the emotional and psychological drama of warring parents.

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