Are you in a great, satisfied relationship? You can make it even better! Just take a different approach to the way you nurture your relationship and make sure that you are taking care of the good things and doing the bad things right. Here are a few tips to help you make your relationship great:

  • Start by doing the things that you were doing in the first year or during the first few months when you started dating each other. As years pass by, we tend to be lazy in our relationship and lose patience and gentleness. You need to be more thoughtful and understanding. Think back on the first year of your courtship and write down all the things that you used to enjoy together. Start doing them again and you will definitely feel the difference.
  • Be vocal, ask what you want. With time, it might occur to you that your partner knows you well enough to know what do you want. You might expect your partner to know what you want, but, it is sometimes good to let him/her know what exactly you are expecting. You must remember that you should sometimes  talk about your sexual as well as emotional needs.
  • Don’t ask the regular questions. For example, every day after coming from work, you might ask your spouse “how was your day?” For a change do not ask this same, old, boring question and ask something different that might help him/her smile and energetic. You can ask the same question in a different manner, like, “what was the most challenging thing about your day?” Your partner will like the question and you will get interesting answers.
  • You must keep it sexy. It’s not just about bedroom preferences, but it is also about what keeps you and your spouse happy and excited throughout the day. If he helps you with the dishes, it can be sexy too! Talk about what keeps it “sexy” in your relationship, and try to maintain that to keep the spark alive for both of you.
  • Think about the creative ways you can spend quality time together. You must make sure to indulge in activities that are enjoyable to both of you. In a relationship, it is very important to spend time together. But, do not do two different things sitting at one place. You need to do one activity together that will keep both of you happy and excited. You can also try swapping babysitting time with each other and also with friends. Now, you will be able to take care of a baby together while the parents are away. This will help to create a good relationship between the partners as well as with the friends.

In a romantic relationship, physical contacts are important. You can appreciate your partner for his/her help with a kiss and can give him/her a tight hug at the end of the day when she/he feels low. These are vital components of a happy and healthy relationship. However, you should not irritate your partner with too frequent kisses and hugs. If possible, an open discussion about it is helpful.