Truth be told, finding a wedding band for your soon to be husband is quite a daunting task. Nowadays, there are so many options out there such as tungsten, gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and ceramic rings. If you marrying someone who absolutely loves wearing ring, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind when beginning your hunt.

Wedding BandWedding Band Price

When you start looking for a wedding band, most will start looking based on price. Many brides want to find a band that not only looks amazing, but is affordable. If you are going strictly on price, then platinum, gold, and white gold are probably not an option. Titanium bands are very affordable as are ceramic and tungsten wedding bands. The great thing about tungsten, which we will address more in depth in a minute, is that they are really hard to damage which is a good thing for most men. Keep in mind that the more fancy the band gets like adding inlays and engravings, the more it will cost.

Wedding Band Material

The second thing that brides usually look at is the type of material used to craft the band. This is very important because some metals are very soft and can cause problems if the ring is ever bent or crushed on your finger. Soft metals like gold and silver are not good options if your soon to be husband is into sports, or works in construction. In this case, you might also consider a ceramic or tungsten band. Both are very durable and are resistant to damage like crushing and scratching. Even after decades of wear and tear, they will both look like new.

Inlays & Stones

Just about any wedding band these days will allow you to add an inlay or row of precious stones like diamonds. Some of the more common inlays you will see in rings are gold and silver and some of the more common stones you will see in rings are diamonds, sapphires, and also birth stones. Just remember, as mentioned above, that when you add these additional features to a wedding band, the price will increase, sometimes even hundreds of dollars.

Personal Preference

Lastly, when choosing a wedding band, make sure you take into account the personal preference of your future husband. You might be tempted to purchase a band that you love, but if he doesn’t love it, he might be tempted to not wear it on a regular basis. Just remember that this is “his” band and not “yours”, so include him in your decision.

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