Whilst many people believe that the most valuable diamonds are absolutely colorless, and they are certainly expensive and sought after because colorless diamonds are exceedingly rare, other people prefer colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are called “fancies,” and can be far more expensive than white diamonds of similar cut and carat weight.

Diamonds become colored because of the impurities within them, but no matter what color they are, diamonds are made almost entirely of pure carbon.

All diamonds were formed millions of years ago when carbon was transformed by the immense heat and pressure under the earth.

Know your Pink Diamond

Diamond sellers have slightly different criteria for what constitutes a quality pink or colored diamond than they do for a colorless or white diamond. They believe that if a diamond is colored it should be judged on the intensity, richness and brilliance of its color. These diamonds are graded from ‘faint’, where there is barely a shade of color, to ‘vivid’ where the color is rich and startling.

Pink diamonds are also categorized according to their secondary color, for example purplish pink, orangy and brown pink.

pink diamond
A Fancy
Orangy Pink Diamond

Carat, or the weight of the diamond, is especially important for fancy diamonds. The larger the carat, the more expensive a fancy diamond will probably be, unless it has obvious and insurmountable flaws.

Clarity relates to the diamond’s flaws, and because it is colored the flaws in a pink diamond don’t matter as much as a colorless diamonds. The flaws, which also called inclusions, are often hidden by the diamond’s color. Another important criterion when buying a pink diamond is its shape. This is the shape that it has when it is looked at from the top.

Pink pear shape diamond ring
A Pink Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

So Are There Famous Pink Diamonds?

Well of course there are.
One of the more famous pink diamonds is the Graff diamond, a 24.78 gemstone. In 2010 it was auctioned and bought by Laurence Graff. He then named the diamond the Graff Pink. I wonder if this huge diamond will ever sit on a lady’s finger.

The Darya-ye-Noor, or Ocean of Light, is now part of the Iranian Crown Jewels and used to belong to the Shahs of Iran. It weighs about 182 carats, making it the largest pink diamond on earth.

The Steinmetz Pink diamond is the biggest vivid pink diamond in the world, and is owned by the Steinmetz Group.

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace, a collection of beautiful fancy diamonds, has many pink diamonds within it, most of them collected from Australia’s Argyle Mine. The stunning Aurora Pyramid of Hope also has a collection of pink diamonds, and is now at London’s Natural History Museum. Both the butterfly and the Pyramid were constructed painstakingly, over many years.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II wears a brooch featuring the flawless Williamson pink diamond, which was discovered in Tanzania and given to her as a wedding gift in 1947?
So if you are convinced that your loved one deserves a pink diamond don’t neglect the setting, as when a diamond is colored, the setting that’s chosen becomes even more important than for a colorless diamond. The best setting for a pink diamond is rose gold, which is gold alloyed with copper to give it a lustrous pink hue.

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