Reasons to break up with your partner are always complex and varied. If you are heartbroken and in a painful situation in your relationship, you must first think of working it out with your partner. And, if nothing works out, move on! Every break up happens for different reasons and everyone who’s been through a break up would tell a different story. There are reasons that can keep a person wondering. You need to understand when it’s the right time for you to walk out of a relationship. Given below are a few of the top reasons to break up with your partner.

Reasons to break up – Our top 6

  • Find out whether the relationship has a long-term potential. After being with the person for a while if you feel that there is no long-term future for this relationship, use this as a reason to break up and end it as soon as possible. You definitely want to be with someone who could be your partner for a long time to come.
  • The relationship feels as if it’s over? Then, you must let it be over. Maybe, it’s late, but don’t be late further. You do not have to cling to it. You must have stayed in the relationship for a considerable number of days. But that does not mean that you have to stay in it forever, even if there’s nothing left in it. Do not waste a lot of time being in a bad relationship.
  • If you have been hurt physically or mentally, you must make it a point to move out of this relationship immediately. There are some damages that cannot be undone. Do not stay in an abusive relationship. It will only deepen your wounds further and you will feel heartbroken and severely wounded. If you are not sure of the ways to leave the relationship, it is better to seek professional help.

reasons to break up

  • If you have cheated on your partner and do not love him/her anymore, it’s time to move on. If your partner has cheated on you, you have a valid reason to break up with them. Before it gets too messy, you need to move on.
  • In a relationship, two people can be different. However, if the amount of difference you have between yourselves is increasing day-by-day, you know it’s better to leave the relationship behind. If you cannot agree with his/her faith, religion, and finances, remember, end things amicably. Try to find a person who has similar priorities for life. It would be easier for you to live your life with a person like that.
  • How long its been since you two actually laughed together? If it’s been a while since you enjoyed together, you know the relationship is coming to an end. However, every relationship is known to have ups and downs. So, you should understand the difference between moving out or staying in a relationship.

In addition to all these reasons to break up, there are certain signs that should tell you that you should not be in this relationship. Check whether you are uneasy about being in the relationship or to talk about it to your friends and relatives. If everyone is against the relationship with that person, you need to think twice. So many people can’t be wrong about a person. Consult with people whom you find trustworthy and supportive and decide whether you should be there in the relationship.

We hope our top 6 reasons to break up have helped you find some clarity in your relationship and the way forward