Yes it is true… first dates are really hard to go through and a lot end up before they can even start. Below are the top five important things to remember both for men and women when going out for the first date.

What is a first date? How it can help you finding the perfect partner for life? A first date is usually defined as the two people meeting together and going out for the very first time. It is done to know the opposite person more about him or her.

first date

It’s the same as you’re conducting an interview in which you find out if the other person will be a great match for you or not. Most of these things are just common sense however, I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised with all the things that many people can do when it comes to first dates.

The top five tips for men when going out for the first time.

1. Always have a listening ear to your date. Listen to what they say, not hearing them actually but by paying attention to what they really say so you will know more about them.

2. Be chivalrous as much as possible. One example is you will have to open the door for her or offer her a chair.

3. Never get drunk on the first date. If you’re unsure, simply avoid the alcohol on that night.

4. Never get late. Remember first impressions always last. So try to come early as much as possible.

5. When talking to them, avoid the topics of politics and religion because most of the time it ends to disaster.

The top five tips for women when going out for the first time.

1. Be sure to say thanks if he does something nice to you.

2. Be honest to him as much as possible. If you want to be just friends with him and don’t want to push it to another level, say it to him. The guy may usually don’t want to hear it however it’s much better to say it now than later on.

3. Also don’t get drunk on the first date.

4. Try to laugh or smile if he throws a joke even if it’s not funny.

5. Don’t for get to make an eye contact to him especially when talking and just smile.

Going out on a first date with someone you like is quite tough. But when you stay calm, honest and respectful to them, you will be doing just fine.