Go out and enjoy watching clouds in the sky. It all seems non-moving, right? Then as it moves slowly across the blue sky, without knowing it’s already gone. It’s very much the same as love; it disappears suddenly without knowing that it’s gone already.

At first, when we are just entering into a new relationship, everything’s fine. There’s a healthy communication among couples as we are getting to know each other. Both the verbal and the non-verbal communication are doing well. As time goes by, issues start to pop up as somewhere along the way we forget to communicate with our partners.

lost love

Communication and Relationship

So how does it all change? In the beginning we like to talk, we talk about everything on this Earth to discover if we are compatible with the other person. As the months and years go by, communication is dropped on the sidelines as we believe we know one another. Whilst initially we may mention our goals and dreams or show our appreciation, we tend to forget these once we have spent time with the other person.

Unfortunately without the effort to keep the flame going, communication becomes limited to the bill payments, and weekly food shopping. We tend to keep it minimal based on our needs only.

If you are in this stage of your relationship you need to sit down and evaluate the reasons why. Is it just because life is getting in the way? If so there are ways to revive your communication with your partner and make it an exciting part of your relationship again.

How to Revive a Dead Communication in a Relationship

To start with you could check in with you partner. How do they feel about your communication in the relationship. What is it that they feel needs to change? What are their ideas about bringing the relationship back to life?

You could set some time aside each night for just you and your partner with no distractions and reminisce the good old days, bring up happy memories and create some new ones. Have a chat about what your dreams and goals are these days. How can you support each other to achieve those? If the gap between you has widened over the years, it could be like dating a stranger again!

Healthy and effective communication between partners will lead to a strong and mature relationship. The lack of it will result in hasty decisions that can lead to a painful break up and separation. So it’s wise to make that decision to talk, listen and communicate again with one another.