Unconventional PamperingEveryone loves to be pampered, especially when it is well deserved. But while you may want to buy your spouse a pass to the spa, massage them for a night, or even give them a clean house to come home to, sometimes unconventional pampering methods can be the best way to please. Here are a few ways you can pamper a loved one to ensure they feel like royalty for a day.

Dinner in Bed
While breakfast in bed is one of the most tried-and-true ways to pamper a loved one, why not let them relax and eat under the blankets at the end of the day? After a long day, everyone loves a delicious meal; this way you can make your loved one as comfortable and as pampered as possible while dining.

For a special treat, pick up food from a favorite restaurant and bring it home so it’s read upon arrival. Don’t let them do any chores or housework – simply usher them into bed, and only let them come out of the room after they have finished every last bite.

Finish the Chores
Sometimes it’s tough to get excited about a weekend when you have to spend the days cleaning the garage, washing the car, and accomplishing myriad other household tasks. And it’s not fun to come home to a house full of dirty dishes and laundry. So if you want to pamper your spouse particularly in an unconventional way, do everything for them one day so they can spend time relaxing.

If you have a list of chores that you both complete, take on a few extra this week to ensure you both have time together at the end of the week. Or promise to complete them all and let your spouse have a quiet weekend to themselves.

Stock the Fridge
Sometimes food is the best way to someone’s heart. If your spouse loves certain foods, this is a great way to please them and ensure they feel loved.

Pick up some of your loved one’s favorite foods and beverages. If they tend to run out before the end of the week, go on a secret grocery trip to pick up an extra supply. Your spouse will be grateful when you come home with a favorite meal or not-often-indulged delicacy to savor after a long day.

Surprise Party
If your spouse is constantly swamped with work or other duties, they probably don’t have much free time to have fun or go out with friends. So instead of sending your spouse out for the night, bring the party to your own home with a surprise party.

Pick a weekend night when your loved one has nothing going on and is looking for something fun to do. Convince them that you will handle the plans and invite some of his or her closest friends for a party. There doesn’t have to be a specific event or occasion, but make sure that none of your spouse’s friends spill the beans. Your loved one will be ecstatic when they see how much work you went through.

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