Outdoor Dating

Dinner and a movie is a standard date night for many, but this routine can become old hat. What about the outdoor lovers who are looking for something different and exciting while enjoying the beauty of nature around them? If you want to move beyond the picnic-in-a-park route and need a little inspiration to make your next date an event to remember, look no further.

Hot Air Ballooning
What a better way to spend a day but riding high in the clouds, overlooking nature’s beauty below? Rides are offered year round but depend on weather conditions. Many places want their customers to enjoy the whole experience and let them take part in the inflation of the balloon as well as the ride.

Some also provide champagne and refreshments, making it quite the romantic experience. Rides typically last between two and three hours and transportation from the landing location back to your cars should be included. Floating among the clouds is an unforgettable experience, but you’ll still want to take the camera to snap a few memento shots.

Rent an ATV
If your date is a looking for the thrill of speed, why not rent an ATV (all-terrain vehicle)? The rental companies will familiarize you with the vehicle and many also offer safety lessons to make sure no one gets hurt. Ride the ATV through trails or over sand dunes with the wind rushing by and the adrenaline pumping. Proper safety gear should be supplied by the rental facility, and time with the ATVs is typically sold by the hour or on a half-day or full-day rate. You can choose separate rides or snuggle close in a two-seater.

Rock or Free Climbing
Is your date daring and undaunted by heights? Then rock or free climbing may be the perfect outdoor excursion together. While your date doesn’t need to be a weight lifter, there is a definite need for some strength and physical strength to be able to scale a wall, but the accomplishment of reaching the top will be worth the effort expended to get there.

There are indoor walls to practice on, but it is a different experience to climbing outdoors. Contact a local instructor or climbing group to see where the best locations are and to get a lesson for beginners. If you and your date are already experienced, add more of a thrill and try free climbing, which is done with just a rope for safety rather than to help with the climb. Imagine conquering the cliff together and looking out over the land as you both stand at the top.

Zip Lining
In recent years, zip lining has gained popularity with thrill seekers and outdoor folks alike. It can be done in any season (although be sure to dress appropriately!) and by most people. Some zip lines can have height and weight restrictions, so please check prior to your visit.

A zip line has you sitting in a harness hanging from a steel cable. A pulley allows you to fly down the cable, possibly reaching speeds of 50 mph. They come in different heights and lengths allowing a beginner to get a taste for the adventure before trying a longer route. There’s also often a hike to get to the location where the zip line starts. Get windblown with your date as you zip through the outdoors.

Add a little excitement and adventure to your dating life by trying one, or all, of these suggestions.

This article was written by Gregory Hutchinson, a regular contributor here at Relationstips. He writes this on behalf of Bennche, your number one choice when looking to buy your own ATV. If you and your date really loved the ATV date, consider buying one to save money in the long run!