It is true that technology is taking a toll on relationships. The amount of time people spend on their phones is actually creating distance between relationships. Your partner too can get jealous of you being on the phone for too long. Did you know that according to the Pew research Center, there are about 67 percent of the people who tend to check their phone frequently without even hearing a ring and feeling a vibration?  The research center further says that 44 percent of the people who participated in the study confirmed that they sleep by their phones and 29 percent of the participants mentioned that they can’t imagine life without their cell phones.

Experts say that with technology at our fingertips, we are losing the intimacy with our partners. That is the reason you should use your phone less and spend time together. Here are some of the benefits of using the cell phone less:

If you use less mobile phones, you will be more connected to your partner. You will be able to enjoy quality time together whenever you get the chance. It’s true that technology has connected billions of people with one another. But on the flip side, it has taken us away from the people sitting or living right by our sides. The true connection between hearts lies in the facial expression, body languages, and vocal inflection. However, if you are using too much smartphone, you are missing the critical information. Staring at the cell phone does not let you know what your partner is exact the feeling. You need to look away from the phone to know and understand your partner.

Communicating through messages and texting can lead to misunderstandings. It can lead to bad fights between the partners. Fights can escalate when you are using your cell phones for texting and messaging. Words do not carry feelings and expressions. In texting and emailing, there’s a lot of richness and context that is lost. In communication, words are important, but the expression, body language, and tones matter a lot too. And, all that go missing when you use your cell phone’s texting facility to talk.

Using less cell phone also leads to a better work-life balance. It will put less stress on your relationship too. So, do not send work emails and messages too much when you are with your loved ones. This shows that you are overly involved in work and are too much stressed. When you are at home, try to spend as much time possible with your family. Beautiful family moments can be ruined with disturbing emails and messages from colleagues. It’s true that your phone is needed for emergencies, but not at all the time!

Instead of spending too much money on costly gifts and expensive meals, if you spend some time with your partner without the phone, your partner will feel more appreciated. If you spend the most of your dinner time texting and chatting with your friends over your mobile phone, your partner and the family members around you will feel annoyed. They might feel that you are happier talking with your friends than with them.