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Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year; a day where people can demonstrate to their partners how much they love them through gifts, flowers and dinners. But there is one thing that all women would adore most of all on Valentine’s Day… the ever-anticipated engagement ring. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days for marriage proposals, making the celebration of love a day that couples will cherish forever. For those ready to make the leap, it is time to start the intense search for the ultimate token of love to create a holiday that will never be forgotten.

Like all other proposals, Valentine’s Day proposals require the perfect engagement ring; it is a ring that reflects the feeling of being head over heels in love with someone and wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of time with them. Purchasing an engagement ring requires a lot of effort. One cannot possibly begin searching for their partner’s dream engagement ring without knowing the first thing about what they are looking for; therefore, the first step to finding the perfect engagement ring for Valentine’s Day this year is researching.


Research what kind of diamond cuts she likes or does not like. Ask questions or make comments, nonchalantly digging for information about what types of rings are pleasing to her. This will be your starting point from which the engagement ring can be chosen.

Choose a metal. Look at the jewelry she wears on a regular basis; does she wear more gold or silver? If it’s silver, then a ring in white gold or platinum would be preferred. Platinum can be a great investment, because it is durable, hypoallergenic, keeps its shine and will not change the color of the diamond. Every girl has particular tastes in jewelry, so it is important to demonstrate that one “knows” their partner well enough to purchase the engagement ring of her dreams.

Create a budget by determining how much money is available for the purchase of the engagement ring. The diamond industry suggests a budget of two months’ salary, but in these economic times, you need a realistic budget that works for you. In addition, consider purchasing a ring with a warranty and insurance in case of loss or damage.

Choose the Engagement Ring

First, select the cut of the diamond. Still have no clue where to start? Princess cuts are extremely popular for engagement rings right now. Women love them, because they are exactly what they describe, diamonds fit for princesses. The princess cut is fitting for women, who love brilliance and want to show it; the original cut was designed to do just that, show off its luster and dazzling colors. A real symbol of royalty, the princess cut is a beautiful way to say “I love you”.

Another perfect cut for the Valentine’s Day proposal is the unique, heart-shape diamond. The physical representation of giving one’s heart to another is a sweet and memorable way to make an engagement ring a gesture of their devotion to their partner.

The princess or heart cut may not be perfect for everyone. Other diamond shapes to consider are:

  • The Round cut is the most popular shape for solitaire settings.
  • Oval cuts are like the round, but in the shape of an oval.
  • Emerald cuts have large, open rectangular facets and have a classic, elegant feel.
  • Asscher is cut like the emerald, but in a square format.
  • Marquise cut is long and slender, maximizing the carat weight of the diamond.
  • Radiant cut has trimmed corners, like a regal, soft square.
  • Pear is a unique cut, similar to a teardrop.
  • The Cushion cut has been popular for over a century; rounded corners and large facets are features of this diamond.

Pick the diamond based on the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat.

  • The Cut is by far the most important aspect, and should always be considered first. A diamond’s cut creates prisms, which determine how much light it will reflect and how much sparkle it will have. The brilliant effect that every girl desires is largely a result of the cut, so do not skimp on this feature of the diamond.
  • The Color of a diamond actually refers to its lack of color! Diamonds without color, termed “white” diamonds, will have more brilliance and sparkle, and command a higher price.
  • Clarity is dependent on the visibility and size of inner flaws. Keep in mind that many of these flaws cannot be seen by the human eye, so this is an area where one can save some money.
  • Carat represents the weight of the diamond. This is the most influential aspect of the diamond’s price. The heavier/larger the diamond, the more expensive it becomes, with each carat increasing exponentially in price. Often on can purchase a diamond slightly under the following carat mark, and get it for much cheaper than buying the next carat up.

Choose a setting for your diamond. A setting should match the partner’s personality. The elegant and classy solitaire is the most popular choice among engagement rings. This setting allows viewers to focus on the main attraction. It is a solo show. The focal point is the center diamond, so it should be a dazzler. Although simple, this setting is anything but plain.

Pave settings are another option. French for “cobblestone”, pave settings gives the engagement ring band the appearance being cobblestoned with diamonds. For women who love sparkle, the luxuriousness of an engagement ring that seems to be coated in diamonds is highly attractive; accent stones illuminate the center diamond, giving a wow effect to everyone in passing.

Note: Engagement rings can be made extra special by engraving a sweet little surprise on the inside of the band.

Buying Online

Buying your engagement ring online can help to make your experience a positive one. There are many advantages to purchasing an engagement ring online. The internet provides loads of information on how to choose just the right ring at the most affordable price. The jewelry selection is massive and with the ability to see price comparisons, one is guaranteed to get their ring at the lowest price possible. Take time to browse, because choosing an engagement ring is an important decision and should not be rushed.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day makes the holiday extra special. Give the gift that will be cherished forever; an engagement ring that says, “I am eternally yours, not only on this romantic holiday, but for the rest of our lives”.

About the Author: Lynn Carson blogs atEverything Princess Cut“, and writes about Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets and other fine jewelry.