Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day don’t leave out your daughter! One of the most memorable moments for a dad and a huge moment for a daughter can be Valentine’s Day. We all know to take care of our sweethearts but taking care of the other “sweetie” in your life will build memories which will last long after you’ve departed Mother Earth.

There are two things every dad should do for his little girl for the big V Day. One is to make sure to send flowers to her classroom. If you’ve never done this before you will only need to do it once to be hooked. And you don’t have to do it every year. In fact, you should vary it up, but having a florist deliver a dozen Carnations (which are inexpensive) or maybe half a dozen directly to your third grader’s classroom will not only make your child swoon, you will become the hit of her teacher and talked about all day long amongst the staff. She will also be the envy of her classmates and her smile when she comes home will melt your heart.

Now for the “annual” clincher. This one is a must. Jewelry for a little girl is often too expensive. C’mon she’s really not old enough to appreciate diamonds or rubies. She is, however, old enough to appreciate a charm bracelet. It is the gift which builds upon itself every year and just keeps on giving.

Dad can go to any mall jewelry kiosk or even a jewelry store to start. There are any numbers of other women’s specialty stores which sell charm bracelets too. It really doesn’t matter where you get it as long as it fits your budget and cool enough for you to give to your littlest sweetheart.

Feel free to tell the clerk what you are doing and she’ll help guide you. Start with a simple bracelet. Remember you don’t want to be too childish because this bracelet is going to grow with her. Hopefully she’ll wear it for years to come, even unto teen hood or beyond.

Simple when it comes to the bracelet itself is best. Next you must pick the first charm. There are dozens to choose from but please, oh please, avoid buying more than one. This is the starter kit so to speak. Select one really nice charm to start. Maybe start with something relating to her birth month. How about her favorite animal or toy? Buy the bracelet and just one charm.

You don’t want to buy more than one because remember next year you are going to give her another charm. You are going to add to her bracelet yearly. And don’t give her charms for her birthday or other special occasions. Make this a Valentine’s Day only charm. The reason is simple. You want her to look forward to this day as you do. Getting a special new charm to add to her old bracelet will keep her loving you more and more and add to the anticipation of Valentine’s Day from dad.

If you are fortunate it will be the “something old” she wears on her wedding day when you turn her over to her new sweetheart and the man who will give her entirely new Valentine’s Day memories. Yours will be talked about forever by your little Sweetie

An experienced jewelry designer, Liz writes independently for A-Jonline from Snellville, GA. She focuses on custom jewelry design.