Dating MistakeOf the five senses that human beings have, one of the most important is the sense of sight. With this sense, people make a number of conclusions based on what they see. Therefore, good hygiene is a necessity when going out on first date.

Put Your Best Face Forward

One of the first things a person notices about their date is their face. A face can tell the date volumes about a person. If a man’s face is unshaven, it can project to his date that he does not care enough about himself to shave. A man must decide before he goes on a date whether he is going for a clean-shaven or bearded look. For a woman, her facial makeup speaks volumes about how she feels about her date. Too much eye shadow or lack of makeup demonstrates a lack of concern or feeling to the man she is dating.

A Healthy Scalp Goes a Long Way

A person’s hair plays an important role on a date. Hairstyle and cleanliness signifies what a person feels about himself or herself. When hair is unkempt or dirty, it is a poor reflection on the individual for it tells their date that they do not care about themselves since their hair is a disaster and they have not done anything to change it. Hair that is clean and shiny displays confidence about an individual to their date.

Avoid Bad Body Odor…

Deodorant is vital on a first date and becomes increasingly important as casual dating can become more serious. Though deodorant appeals more to the sense of smell than the sense of sight, it must be not be overlooked. Body odor is a dreadful smell that can be detrimental to a first date or a budding relationship. Deodorants and antiperspirants do an efficient job and reducing odor and wetness. This is particularly beneficial when one wants to get close on a date.

Nail that First Date

Though it may surprise some, how one keeps their fingernails can play an important role on a date. Nail biting displays nervousness and lack of discipline for not stopping the bad habit. Women who do not maintain their painted nails display carelessness and laziness to their dates because they have not taken care of their nails. Men, who have professions outdoors, face a harder time keeping their hands and nails clean, but that does not excuse them for looking nice to their dates.

Talk it Out

The care of one’s mouth is vital in terms of hygiene. The mouth communicates words to other people. This is particularly true on dates. However, if the messenger is not taken care of, it destroys the possibility of a relationship. For those whose teeth are more yellow than white, there are a number of whitening strips available from your local drugstore (including some that produce noticeable results in 2 hours). In addition to teeth, bad breath can be a quick deterrent to any possibility of a relationship with a certain person. A thorough brushing of the tongue daily can help, as can a breath mint.

Hygiene can be either a detriment or a blessing in a dating relationship. While it’s important to put your best foot forward in a first date, bad hygiene can quickly kill any chemistry. Don’t overlook the small things, like a healthy scalp and clean nails. While we’re not promising your date will be “the one”, at least you’ll look the part!

This article was composed by Karl Stockton for the team at FirstToKnow; they can offer help with your relationship with their information.