Short wedding dresses are a rising trend among brides and in the runway because of its feminine elegance and its romantic charms. Although many traditional brides opt for long gowns, many modern brides are now looking through the racks for shorter wedding dresses.

There are a lot of short wedding dresses online, at bridal shops and from big name designers. They are easy to find but the challenge lies in choosing the right one for you and how to fit it perfectly with your entire look. Here are the tips you need to know to make sure you look glamorous on a short wedding dress on your big day.

The Length
Short wedding dresses are a statement of their own. There is no need to go extra short to make a fashion statement. Choose an appropriate length for your wedding dress. Tea length, as well as cocktail dresses, is usually as bare as your legs need to go.

The Bridesmaids
When wearing a short wedding dress, it would look better on the aisle and on pictures if your bridesmaids are wearing short dresses too. You can opt to wear the same length or have your bridesmaids use a shorter length. Every bride and stylist should keep in mind that the bridal dress should not be outdone by that of the bridesmaids.

The Shoes
One of the best things about wearing a short wedding dress is that it gives you the opportunity to show your shoes off. With traditional floor length wedding dresses, the shoes are hidden under the laces, silk and all the other trappings of your hemline. If you are a bride who loves your shoes, short wedding dresses are the perfect excuse to buy a beautiful pair for your big day.

Choose a pair that is modest yet elegant. If your dress has a lot of embellishments, choose a simple pair of shoes with a classic style. As a rule, your dress and your shoes should complement each other instead of compete for attention.

The Accessories
With wedding dresses that are short and simple, you can usually opt for more lavish jewelries. Some brides would choose dresses with classic cuts and plain fabrics so that they can splurge on their accessories.

When it comes to the bouquet, opt for the simpler option. The flowers should not take attention away from the dress but it should enhance its beauty. Always discuss your dress’ length with your florist so that they can give you an arrangement that will complement your dress. Also, another good option is to carry a few flowers.

Short wedding dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings as well as traditional church weddings. They are perfect for dancing to your favorite wedding bands. When choosing your wedding gown, it is advisable to try on different dresses, whether short or long, until you can find the one dress that can make you feel most beautiful on your wedding day.

About the author: With over four years of professional writing experience, Tara Bernal currently writes wedding articles for Music For Scotland, a music agency that features a selection of the best Scottish wedding bands such as The Magic Keys. Aside from aiming to see as much of the world as possible, she likes breakfast food, piano pieces, boat rides, and mocha lattes.