The landmark of wedding comes in life after much consideration and when it does, it takes a toll with all the preparations to be done for D-day. Wedding planners think of every single thing that could be required for the day, missing out no details, for example paying attention to perfect wedding wine. Selecting a wine for the occasion and making people remember your wedding long after the day are more or less interrelated.

Wine Concern

People want to make that day one of the most memorable but they do not have time to take care of everything. Starting from the season, day and date for which the booking is to be done in the wedding venues. All the planning, organising and managing need focussed efforts and this is what the experts are known for. This makes sourcing of best of the wines from across the globe their headache ensuring the lingering of your lavish party on the minds of the guests.

Strategic Flavours

One beverage that could not be avoided at any cost is wine but the big question is which one. What are the options available? Why go for one and not for the other? Let us explore the world of wines.


An all time favourite, sparkling white wine can be a taste of partiality but others might feel you as biased toward it. Still, the options are unlimited. Various white wines go with different kind of foods. Some wines are consumed with eggs, seafood, chicken, etc. Others can go with lighter snacks. Some white wines are consumed with all kinds of food and alone as well. They can be oaked, unoaked with their enhanced taste due to casing.


When white wines have their fans, how can red wine are left behind. Available in numerous choices, you can club their servings along with white or can go simply red for a change. Lamb and beef dishes go perfect with the Cabernet Sauvignon. Some varieties of red wines like Pinot Noir go with vegetarian dishes along with pork, fishes and light red meat. Making the experience of party colourful can never be difficult with them.


Often termed as blush wine, white Zinfandel, can be a great choice but somewhat subtle for lavish expression of celebration like weddings. Dry rosé can be that. An excellent clubbing could be done with heavy food like pork, fishes (tuna, salmon, etc), salads and others. Whether yours is a summer wedding or winters or falls, this one can light up the moods extravagantly. Available in different flavours you can choose your pick.

Other Ideas

If you are wondering, “is that all”, there is surprise on its way. Forget worrying about London wedding venue. It will be done by your wedding consultant along with the other things of D-Day. You can focus on making each moment of it tastier. Choice will be yours and sourcing will be done by experts as and when required and that too in any amount you deem fit. Combine the taste of wine with wedding cake or keep it specifically for the ‘Big Toast’.

Make your day special with these wine suggestions!

About author: Indulged in the profession of wedding planning, Marie Ballu likes to suggest readers about the various aspects of wedding. From hinting about wedding venues in London to hiring wedding planners; she writes to ensure that people can make informed decision.