If you want to know “What do men want in a relationship?” then I guess this article can answer the question. All women have certain criteria when it comes to what they want in a relationship with men. It’s their way to determine if the men they want are good enough for them. Men also feel the same way. They have certain standards that women should meet in order for him to fully commit in the relationship or at least remain committed.

No doubts about it, men want relationships. They have these secret wants for a woman to entice him and then capture his heart. Usually when you hear a guy says “I’m still not ready to enter a relationship”, it basically means that they have not found yet the one. So the question is what do men want in a relationship with a woman? That’s quite easy if you read these three factors below.

 what do men want in a relationship

What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

Men want a good looking or attractive woman. So by that statement, it’s pretty obvious what I mean but it’s not. This does not really mean that women must possess a perfect body, a beautiful blond hair, or perfect physical characteristics. This means that women must show that she can take care of herself in several aspects of her life like physically or emotionally. That she does take showers every day, combs her hair, and most importantly that she does truly care on her overall appearance. But be warned though, men don’t want women who are conceited too much or overly conscious about the looks she has. What do men want in a relationship? It’s certainly a woman who is not insecure.

Men want women whom they can fully trust. Men don’t want a woman who will back stab him or play some silly games against him or anybody else. Naturally, men are competitive with other guys and when you sneak behind his back, you’re giving him signs that you can’t be trusted and that you’re too much to handle.

what do men want in a relationship

Men of course want women that know how to love them for who they are. Lots of women now are too conscious in what they really want in a relationship and this brings them to ignore what do men want in a relationship. Men do want to feel loved by their own partners, no “but’s” and no “if’s”. They really want that feel of warmth and security from their own woman.

Women have some criteria but men too have certain standards about what they want in a relationship with their partner. What do men want in a relationship? Men want women who take care of herself, someone that can be fully trusted and someone who really knows how to love their men for who they are.