What is emotional intelligence? What are the characteristics of emotional intelligence? The answers to these questions are certainly not available from most of the people. This is because people these days are so much engrossed with work and family that they do not have the time to pay focused attention to all these questions. But, if you can understand the level of emotional intelligence that you have you can not only better your own life but you can also better the life of others.

Again, what is emotional intelligence? Well, emotional intelligence or EI is basically the ability or the skill to understand the emotions of yourself and also the people. People who are emotionally intelligent can certainly read the emotions of others and be able to tackle situation effectively. Those who are emotionally intelligent can certainly succeed more than the ones who have moderate emotional intelligence.

This is because they are able to form good connections with the people around them. They are also very much trusted and liked. Emotionally intelligent people are not only to handle emotional weak people well they are also very much supportive, sympathetic, trustworthy, direct and very much gentle in their behavior. In order to master your emotional intelligence, it is important that you not only understand your own wants and requirements you do need to understand the wants and requirement of others.

For this, you will certainly require learning how to be patience, delayed gratification, and also a concern. The other term for emotional intelligence is emotional maturity. This basically means that your mind is able to control and manage your emotions. There are quite a number of characteristics related to emotional intelligence. The major five characteristics of emotional intelligence are motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, and empathy.


People who are emotionally intelligent generally are very much motivational. They have the capability to not only motivate themselves but also other at any type of situation. They even have a futuristic viewpoint point for which they can give immediate success. These people are also very much productive and they definitely love facing challenges in life. 


This is basically the ability to understand and identify the needs, wants and viewpoints of people who are around you. People who are empathetic are very good at managing relationships, paying a keen ear to what others have to say, and also related to other matters. They certainly do not judge very quickly and they are also not stereotype kind of people. They are very good at exhibiting benevolence, generosity and always maintain a positive attitude towards others.

Social skills

People who are high on emotional intelligence are very good with their social skills. They are experts in cooperating and are also very good team players. They are not selfish that is the reason why instead of focusing on their own success they generally try to help others and solve their problem first. This is the reason why they are able to manage disputes with the utmost comfort, very good in building and maintaining relationships, and also very good communicators. Empathetic people are also very much responsive to emotions, they strongly believe in trustworthiness.