If someone is in love, she/he will always yearn to be with his/her lover. In the earlier days, two people living apart from each other could connect only through letters, then telephonic conversations became possible, and now it’s the social media.

These days social media have a huge impact on the ways relationships are shaping up. People are searching for “Facebook dating tips” on the Internet a lot more than before. There are both pros and cons of social media networking in love and relationships. Read on to understand the role of sites like Facebook and Twitter in the ways relationships is developing…

Social networks breed jealousy

Experts say that social media cause a lot of insecurities between couples. It’s a good thing that they are constantly  being able to keep in touch with each other. However, they can see each other in the company of others. They feel insecure about the things they don’t have between them. Moreover, they can see comments and posts on each others walls, which is another reason for increasing jealousy. These days couples spend more time on social networks than they spend with each other. Spending time together is vital in a relationship.

Social media builds up a wall

When two people are having a fight face-to-face, they still know that there is love and affection and things will sort out soon. However, couples these  days are using social networking sites to intentionally hurt each other. Sometimes through their social networking profiles people try to show that they are perfectly happy even they’ve had a fight. This creates a difference between their hearts and thus, complications in relationships occur. They also show that they have lots of friends who care. These types of messages are often not just restricted to be viewed only by the partners, but by thousands of people in each others profile. People get hurt and feel humiliated, which cause a barrier in their relationship.

People put their best foot forward

Studies reveal that people tend to provide the most positive information about them on the social networking profiles. While interacting using social networks people can lie and manipulate information in various ways. Thus, display of emotions, insecurities, and conflicts tend to get minimized or concealed. It is also difficult to reveal the emotions and qualities that define intimate and close relationships. Thus, it is never a true alternative to real-life interactions and communication between two people.

Unlike online friendship on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, development of a real friendship takes a lot of time and effort. Social networks are good for keeping in touch with childhood friends, rekindle long lost relationships with distant family members, and spending time checking out various interesting posts. However, never check “Facebook dating tips” as it will not help you meet the real person.

So, when it comes to love, friendship, and relationship, it is better to go out, meet and talk with people, and discover he value of relationships. It is surely going to be stronger and long-lasting.