Women are considered to be emotionally more vulnerable than men. Things that men take lightly might be a serious offence to women. Their reaction to things and situations are also different than that of the opposite sex. Hence, while approaching them when they are emotionally volatile one should be extra careful.

If you ever get into fight or argument with a woman, even over something frivolous, there are certain things that you must avoid at all costs.

  • Asking her to relax: The word ‘relax’ is catnip to women when they are in a volatile state of mind. Asking her to relax it means that you are actually telling her that she has no control over herself. This will make her madder than she is and your fight will spin out of control.
  • Never try to prove that she is the one who is acting abnormal or blowing the situation out of proportion. It is better to agree to whatever she is saying and wait for her to calm down. Until she calms down she will have her defense up against you all the time and disagree with everything that you say.
  • Trying to lighten the situation: Do not try to placate her mood by words like ‘I love you’, ‘baby’, ‘honey’, etc. during a fight. Women will find it as an attempt to lighten the seriousness of the situation and it will tick them off even more. Try to match her seriousness and listen to her with full attention. Do not try to trick her into bed either during the progression of fight. To women sex is not the solution to every disagreement. Wait till she calms down before making your move.
  • Go overboard with apology: Contrary to what men think, ‘sorry’ is not the solution to every problem. If you keep apologizing during a fight, she may get angrier with out and your argument may continue for a long time. Give her the time to vent out all her sentiments and wait for her to cool down before presenting your side of the story.
  • Do not mention her past: Fights often lead to diversion of topics making the situation messier. If you want your woman to relax and end the fight, do not hint at her past. Do not go about talking about her ex-boyfriends as it will only make the fight murkier. Never make her feel that you are trying to humiliate or embarrass her.
  • Do not mention her family: Slinging mud at her family members is a strict no no in situations like this. Belittling her family will bring out more skeletons from the closet than you can handle.

Keep your calm! It may be hard to resist the urge to give her a piece of your mind during fights. But, if you want to resolve the situation you need to be cool at all times. Maintain eye contact with her and make her feel that she is the love of your life and you are always there for her.