Most people preparing for a date wonder about what things they should tell their date. The early stages of dating give a great opportunity to get to know each other beforemoving onto a deeper relationship. Once you are dating you should not ne withholding any important information that will help the other person decide whether or not you would be a fitting partner for a long term relationship.

When you hide important things from your partner, you can create great problems later in life. Here are some important things that you should discuss with your date about from the beginning of your relationship.

Marriage Status and Children

It is necessary for your date to know your marriage status, whether you are married or not or whether you are a divorcee. If you have children, it is necessary to inform your date about this. Most of the dating people have kids and if your partner is okay with it you can continue the relationship. If your date does not want to have a relationship with a person having kids, they can stop the relationship at the earliest which will be less stressful for both the partners. You will also have a peace of mind letting the other person know about your situation, allowing them to make their own decision. If you are a person who cannot have children or doesn’t like the idea of having children, then you should convey this to your partner as well.

Health Problems

If you are having some health problems which may affect your relationship, tell your date about the problem. If the other person cannot adjust to the situation, it is better to avoid the relationship in the earlier stage itself. You can search for a person, who will accept you with your health problems and will be able to consider it as a part of life and support you through the rest of your life.

Criminal History

If you have any criminal, let your date dating partner know about it. You should inform them about the crime committed also, and how long you were in jail even though you have completed the term. This information may be of great importance to partner in deciding about the relationship. Moreover, you can also avoid the embarrassment when your date comes to know about it from somebody else. This can even affect your relationship even if you are dating the person for a long period.

Financial Situation

If you are in a relationship for a while and if you are serious about the relationship, your date should know about your financial condition, especially about any bad credits you are having. Your date should be able to adjust to the situation of your not perfect financial situation. If you have any other important information which you think might affect your relationship should be told to your date before the relationship gets too serious. Most of the partners will welcome their date being honest to them and will respect the partner more for the same reason.