when is it time to leave a relationshipHow do you know when it is time to leave a relationship? Do you have the bitter experience of being in a toxic relationship? There are many people who are in a bad relationship, but they are so deep into it that they can’t see the problems, unless of course its too late and life’s a total mess. Don’t let that happen to you. Never get stagnated in a relationship where you do not have a respect.

Being in “love” actually hide the actual problems. Do not idealize things. Your lover might not be as intelligent, attractive and desirable as you feel he/she is. So, you must think from your “head” and not from your “heart” when it comes to choosing to be in a relationship with a person. So, do not be deeply invested in terms of finances, dependences, and emotions. When people are in long-term relationships, they feel that there is no way out and try to stick to the person forever. Check out tips for long distance relationships. Do not live in the past and be there for the sake of what your relationship was a couple of years back.

There are certain signs that should tell you that it’s high time to be out of the relationship. Look for those signs in your relationship, which should tell you that it’s time for you to move on. Given below is a list of those signs:

Physical abuse: Did you ever get slapped or abused by your partner? Whether it’s for just one day or a continuous affair, you must not tolerate. Your trust in that person is probably over. The person who is probably there to protect you is the one harming you now. So, instead of forgetting and forgiving completely check whether the similar incident happens again. Its both unacceptable and unhealthy in a relationship. If any such things happen, its time to leave the relationship.

Addiction: If your partner is addicted to alcohol, gambling, or drugs to a point that it is becoming a problem for your relationship, you should consider whether it is time for you to move on. However, before taking the final decision, you must make it a point to make him/her understand. If nothing works, you know it’s time to leave the relationship.

Deception: Lying or deception is not acceptable for a healthy relationship. For a deep, emotional, relationship, you need to have trust in it. If that trust is broken and your partner is avoiding a communication with you or avoiding troubles, you should reconsider your decision to be in the relationship for long.

Cheating: If you are not in an open relationship, cheating is not acceptable in any form. If you are in a long distance relationship, you must read tips for long distance relationships and know that cheating is not acceptable even if you are staying apart from each other. If you find out that your partner is cheating, it is time to leave the relationship.

Disrespect: Check whether your partner respects you. If he/she is mistreating you in any way through constant verbal and physical abuses and mind games, you must look for ways to be out of the relationship. Check whether she/he takes you down, makes a fool of you in public, puts you down, or disrespecting you in any manner. If you are not comfortable with him/her around, you need to move on.

Choosing when to leave a relationship is never easy. Hopefully with these pointers, you will know when when it’s time to leave a relationship for good.