A serious relationship that lasts for a very long time is difficult to cope and understand. Both must give the time needed to deal with some problems, understand the situation, and then eventually formulate working ways to fix those problems. The thing is, to achieve a successful and healthy relationship; both parties must give the effort to understand each other.

weird boyfriend

Please note that the following applies to all but just written from a female perspective.

Why is my boyfriend acting the way he is?” If you are asking this kind of question lately, this doesn’t mean that you are being stupid or confused to yourself. This means that there is something wrong within the relationship like having a gap in trying to understand one another. This is usually a good thing simply because trying to understand your present situation is the only thing you can do to answer it. With this in mind, the following are some questions that may help you further in figuring it all out.

Is it really you? This question is the very first thing you must consider. Usually, what happens is that we change over time and because of this change we think people around us are the ones who are changing and not us. And for this, we start to perceive things differently around us. So if one day, you find that your boyfriend has changed, or his sense of humor is not there anymore, it surely not him at all. Maybe you’re not responding to the sense of humor your boyfriend has, the way it was before, just maybe.

Is he stressed out lately? All men act tough, but this toughness of them will surely be tested out when they are under stress. This is primarily because they have been conditioned to not show it, that stress is getting under their skin. His work is one of the leading causes of stress on men, however, he can’t show it in front of his officemates or co-workers, and thus, he shows it in front of you.

Did you ask him? If so, how did you ask? At times, all it really takes is for you to just ask him what is wrong. As previously mentioned, guys always have a hard time in expressing their own feelings and sometimes they may be waiting for you to ask. However, when asking some questions to them, be sure that you ask in a way that is not making an accusation or making them feel weak. Most of the times, they will open up and be sure you listen when he starts to talk. You may only have this chance, this one chance. So, never do anything that will make him start and do you’re very best to make him express how he feels.

So, “why is my boyfriend acting the way he is?” You may now have some ideas on how to get the answer. The happier your relationship will be when the two of you understand each other very well.