The title is off limits and a bit strange, right? I’m blogging and writing articles and advice about relationships and dating so why would I suggest blog readers not to visit and read my blog?

As clearly as it goes, I still believe that you can find really good advice about relationships and dating on the internet. If not, then why would I waste my time writing tips if you can’t find one? Also I’d like to point out that people must know first the author, the article tips being given and shared before they follow it religiously.

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Listed below are the 4 things that you must consider before you may read a single word or take the advice from the so called “dating gurus and experts”.

1.) Things that you read may just came from opinions from a random person with a given history.

Try searching Google with this phrase without quotes “article writing fee” and see the huge number of people trying to offer services in writing articles for a fee to webmasters. This is just one example however there’s a huge difference from the dating scene and that the knowledge may just come from watching movies or TV shows. One thing you can do is to check the author of the content, do the articles sound like they are written by just one person? Are the articles written from a personal perspective? If yes, then what’s their dating history?

2.) Words like “guru” and “experts” are pretty much overused and I seldom read tips from the authors who call themselves with these words.

What are the qualifications to brand a person as an expert when it comes to dating? If the situation is they have been dating for thirty years and have some commitment issues or simply suck at dating. Let’s take this as an example, would you read the advice of Dr. Phil about how you can have a perfect and happy marriage? Of course I’ll read them; however will I read his tips in dating at 40’s in 2011? He is not dating, so what does he know about the current dating scene?

3.) Dating tips that are too good to be true like “I can easily make you more attractive and appealing to women even if you have 80 pounds extra weight”.

Hearing this, will you still be going to a boutique and take the advice from a sales lady who just called you fat? I think the answer is no, so why will you take the insult just because it is written online? The thing is that they’re just making false promises to everyone by making you appealing and attractive towards the opposite sex and that they’re taking advantage of your lack of confidence so you will buy their guides or eBooks online. My suggestion is take the advice from someone who respects you as you are and can understand you as a person, not from someone who is desperate trying to sell something on the internet.

4.) Avoid the bitter and twisted.

Blogging is a kind of platform to different type of persons however it includes those who just want to rant their horrible experiences. You’ll find lots of blogs that only emphasize the serious disasters of dating like calling men names and then generalize the opposite sex specially when the author of the article is a woman at her 40’s however I haven’t read a thing about asking themselves first if they are the problem. You may avoid these personal websites as they have no real helping advice to offer you.

By reading the 4 tips above on why you should not read relationship and dating advice online, you now have a clear idea how you can stay away from these sites. But I personally believe that there’s still some who can bring the food on the table for you to eat. You just have to be observant first before you dive in.