If asked, will you fake liking your Christmas gift this holiday season? Honestly, I don’t know what to say as this is a very hard question to answer. I said that because whatever you do, you’ll feel bad for sure.

But I guess it’s important for you to consider some factors first before deciding whether you will like your gift or not this 25th of December.

So these are the things that you will have to think about and please, make sure that you’ll consider these pointers right before the Christmas morning so you’ll be prepared for that day.

Who’s going to give you the gift?

christmas giftFor instance it is your boss or someone from the office that you work with, it’ll be best to just say thank you and move on from it. You could be doing yourself a favor by not hurting their feelings which can be very helpful if they’re the type of person who usually don’t forgive and forget over uncomfortable situations.

Also, regardless of how bad the gift is and it’s not the one you like for Christmas, then you can easily hide that in your closet or give that to charity since your boss or co-staff won’t be spending much time at your house.

But what if they give something that they expect you to wear like clothes? Then you can just wear it once or twice then hide it. If its way too bad for your taste in terms of fashion, then tell them that you’re saving that gift for a very special occasion. Most of the time, it works!

Will you enjoy the gift or hurt their feelings?

This is another situation in which you’re receiving a gift from your partner and you can’t decide if you’re going to hurt their feelings or just enjoy the gift instead even if it’s not the one you’re expecting this Christmas.

I think you can just say thanks to your partner and get over with the issue if you are in a new relationship with him or her. It’s acceptable since your partner doesn’t know much about you yet and can’t decide what gift to give according to your liking.

However, if you and your partner have been in a relationship for a while now and some of the hints you gave him or her were not pretty clear and still they gave something that you’re not happy about, then I guess you must tell them the truth. Sure they’ll understand that!

Like in my situation, I was with my ex-girlfriend for almost 4 years before and within that time I never wore slippers for once. And yet she gave me a gift for Christmas which really surprised me, and guess what… yes, its slippers.

At first, I thought the whole thing was cute and accepted her gift since she made an effort wrapping it up. However, as time goes on, it made me mad simply because we had been together for years and yet she can’t still figure out what I want.

Then I realize that this was kind of a slap to my face and a way for her to tell me that she doesn’t really care what I wanted. Guess that’s the reason why I moved on with someone new.

What I’m trying to say here is that if the gift is an expensive one, from someone you just met or from someone in the office, then probably you should just say thanks and have it.

But if it’s someone that you’ve been dating or married for years or the Christmas gift is something pricey and you don’t want to hide or give it away, then faking to like a gift is something that you wouldn’t do.