Why is it that some relationships are more truthful compared to others? What are the reasons behind why other couples tend to be honest with one another while some can’t? No one likes to be lied and everyone deserves the truth. But I think women do tell lies like men do.

If at the moment you’re having trust issues with your partners, typically women may tell lies to you. Trust is a kind of thing that one must build from the start of every relationship. Though lots of people say that in order for others to feel better, they have to tell lies, “white lies” in particular. Most of the time, women tell lies because of their caring nature and just want to spare the hurt feelings on the man they’re dating.

women tell lies

Listed below are some of the lies women may tell. At any given day you may hear it from them. And for this, it’s important to know the real meaning on each of these lies.

1. When she’s saying you’re perfect!

The woman usually tells you that she simply love the way you are and there’s nothing that she would try to change about yourself. No one is perfect, right? At the start of a relationship which she just know you that well, she may say these words to you but after quite some time she will find something in yourself that needs to be changed. If you hear something like this from her, don’t get too excited quickly because in the end she will ask you to change something about yourself.

2. When the woman says you’re right.

Does it happen to you when you argue with your girlfriend and she just said “You’re right!”? Most of the time you may feel proud that she just said those words but in reality she maybe telling a lie. Maybe she said those words to zip your mouth or stop the argument you had without really meaning it. She believes that after some time you will make an apology to her after a day or two.

3. When she says nothing is wrong. Most women use this lie.

They normally say they’re fine when you ask them what’s wrong. You feel something strange on her, don’t want to talk to you that much or don’t want to see you and when you ask them what’s wrong, they just say that everything is perfectly fine. Women don’t simply want to tell the truth and they’re expecting for men to figure out that there’s something going on in the relationship.

4. When she says that your bank account doesn’t matter to her.

Guess what? It’s too good to be true, right? And it’s definitely a lie. Most women desire a guy who can provide financial stability to her. It does not necessarily mean that you must be rich to get a girlfriend; you just have to have money in your account.

5. When she says that it is okay for her for you to go out with your friends bar hopping.

This lie is for me too good to be true. You may see her perfectly fine and seem okay but the real deal is she’ll get upset that you want to go out with friends. They usually hate that feeling being the second on the list with your friends and simply accept that so they may seem less needy. And when you decide to go out, she will make lots of comments that may lead to a fight. So better think a couple of times before you out.

No offense to the ladies who may read this article but sometimes it’s important for the guys to spot if their girlfriend is lying or not so men can position himself better in a relationship. As others know it, what woman thinks is not usually what the words she says.